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ESEI library

ESEI library goes digital!

ESEI library goes digital! When we need to make choices in business, information is key, but with so much of it all around us, where do we turn? To make an evidence-based decision we cannot rely on open-source sites, and we need access to solid research and up-to-the-minute data. While the printed book is valuable, students and professors need more agility in their access to essential resources. As such, ESEI are delighted to partner with proquest in the launch of our new digital resource library, with thousand of articles and ebooks, which can be accessed on campus or at home. In September, our new course in professional and Academic Communication will take students through the fundamentals of the research process, and how theories and decisions may be supported by a solid underpinning of research. This new development, we are certain, will enrich the academic dimension of studying at ESEI for both faculty and students, bachelors and masters alike.

But what to do with our physical library?

We will be organising a book sale in october, and we need you to tell us which charity the proceeds should go to! Drop us a line via social media, or to [email protected]

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