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Introducing the top Educational Agencies Partnering with ESEI

At ESEI, we’re proud of our diverse community of students. In the years that the school has been active, we’ve welcomed students from as many as 92 countries around the world. From this number, 45.5% are from Europe, 19.6% from Asia and 16.3% from Africa, with the remainder from the Americas. 

But how do all these international students find ESEI? Not all of our students come to us directly – some are referred to us by educational agencies that we partner with. 

In this blog post, we’ll tell you more about the agencies that have connected us with the most students recently. And, we’ll share the story of two students who found their way to us through agencies in their countries. 

What are educational agencies? 

Picking a school can be a tough decision, especially when planning to study abroad. There are so many factors at play: students need to find a location and a university they like as well as a programme that suits their needs and interests. And, they need to make sure that the school and programme they end up choosing will help them succeed in their careers.  

Of course, there’s lots of information online and students can do their own research. However, sometimes they prefer to turn to experts who have helped many students before them find their dream schools. That’s why international students often seek the help of educational agencies.

Educational agencies are organisations responsible for managing and planning a person’s education. They provide prospective students with all the necessary information about studying at different universities, living in a particular country, visa requirements, the application process and more. 

How does ESEI work with agencies? 

ESEI partners with several educational agencies around the world. These agencies provide students interested in studying business, management, marketing, hospitality and related subjects with information about our courses.

Simisola Okoya, the International Admissions Manager at ESEI, explains that “prospective students go to their offices, a bit like travel agencies”. They “ask for information about the schools offering the types of subjects they’d like to study and opportunities abroad. Next, the agencies do their best to match the students with the best schools and programmes possible,” she said. 

Once the students have selected ESEI, the agencies put them in touch with our admissions department. And that’s where the journey begins. 

Where do most of ESEI’s students come from?

As globalisation increases, interconnectedness and international travel becomes more prevalent. As a result, there is an increasing number of young people wanting to study abroad. 

Thanks to our connections with the agencies, we’re receiving more students each year from outside of Europe. 

Although ESEI is partnered with educational agencies worldwide, our biggest markets for international students are in Africa, Asia and The Middle East. 

Introducing two of our top agencies

The two agencies that have connected us with the most students recently are CICC (Morocco) and Academix (Turkey). They have been working hard to find us the highest quality students and have done their best to make the submission process seamless. 



Founded in 2005, Casablanca International Consulting Center (CICC) aims to bridge Morocco with the rest of the world. Their focus is on education and cross-cultural exchange. 

Since the organisation was founded, its educational and teaching departments have helped many students to study abroad and pass international language and entry tests. The organisation now works with a number of internationally reputed universities around the world.

CICC’s mission is clear: to help the Moroccan youth take steps to realising their educational and professional dreams. One such student who found her place at ESEI through CICC is Zineb lahrichi. 

Esei MBA studentZineb is studying Business Management at ESEI. She found CICC through a friend of hers who went to study in France with their help. Since she’d always wondered what it would be like to live in Barcelona, she asked CICC to help her find a business school there.

This is how she found ESEI. “I like the fact that it’s a small business school with a double certification. Furthermore, my consultant at the agency gave me good feedback about ESEI, which also encouraged me to apply here,” Zineb said.

Her educational consultant at CICC showed her all the papers that she needed to prepare for studying abroad and applying to the school.

“After sending all the necessary documents to ESEI, I had to pass a speaking test with the administration team at ESEI,” Zineb explained. Following her acceptance into the school, CICC helped her to prepare the papers for a visa. Zineb says that she is enjoying studying at ESEI and likes that “it’s made up of students from many different countries. It’s a good opportunity for me to discover other cultures.”


Established in 1996, Academix Study Abroad Services is one of the most prestigious educational counseling agencies in Turkey. Its objective is to provide professional counseling services to students in accordance with their education and career objectives.

Academix has been shortlisted 6 times for the STM Star Agency Easter Europe award. After winning this prestigious award three times in a row (2017, 2018 and 2019), the agency continues to strive for excellence. 

Esei Turkish studentESEI receives a number of students with the help of this agency’s expertise. One such student is Semra Sözen who is studying International Relations and International Business.

She wanted to do a Masters abroad and found Academix through a simple internet search. She wrote to the agency, who called her to find out what she wanted to study and where.

“I chose ESEI because I saw some students leaving positive comments on ESEI’s social media pages”  Semra explains. 

The educational consultant at Academix aided her in the application process.

“They sent me a list of documents I needed to apply to the school and for a visa. They offered me a great explanation and helped enable me to complete the application process with ESEI,” she said. 

Following this, Semra was able to begin her journey to studying abroad with us in Barcelona. 

If you’re thinking about studying at ESEI, see our list of programmes and short courses. Furthermore, get in touch with us  or an agency in your country with any questions you have about studying at our school and in Barcelona.

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