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Euroleague Basketball and Digital Media

Last month, we hosted a workshop on “Sports & Digital Media” with Euroleague Basketball.

The workshop took place at our wonderful campus in Barcelona, and was attended by students currently studying the Master in Sports Management at ESEI International Business School Barcelona. 

The workshop was conducted by Evan Planchon, a sports industry expert and Digital Manager at the Euroleague Basketball, and students were able to explore such topics as investigating the value of Digital Media and Marketing within the sports management ecosystem and understanding the digital transformation the Euroleague Basketball is adopting.

It was an absolute success and our students gained unique insights into the world of Euroleague Basketball, a global leader in the sports and entertainment business organising competitions for the best teams in Europe every year. They also gained a deeper understanding of the changing internal business structure of the organisation and challenges that lie ahead for them to reach new markets and fan growth.

This workshop was very relevant to ESEI students’ studies, as well as professional development, and gave the business knowledge to understand how sports events include different departments, such as Digital Media, to function and in what part each plays an important role within sports management today.

This workshop also was a valuable opportunity for students to experience ESEI’s practical approach to learning through project based learning. Through this event, our students were able to learn how the complex planning of a successful digital media strategy can be executed by a leading sport organisation to achieve optimal fan engagement and participation.

Evan was also able to give advice to students who want to take a first step into the niche sports management market, in Spain and abroad, and shared personal insights from his current role in the sports industry where he oversees the digital ecosystem around data and product, including gamification (Fantasy), website and mobile app and fan growth projects. 

We’re grateful to Evan for giving our students an insider view into the workings of digital media in the sports industry. 

As an international student, you have the chance to turn your passion for sports into a career with our Sports Management programme. You’ll get 1-on-1 mentorship from industry professionals connected to ESEI, and you’ll be able to forge contacts in the Sports industry in Spain and Europe!

To learn more, contact one of our international student advisors today!

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