The Project-Based Learning

At ESEI, our highest priority is to provide our students with the best learning experience possible. We’re huge proponents of Project-Based Learning (PBL). It’s an approach to learning that enables students to learn by actively engaging in real-world projects that are meaningful to them. As our Head of Academics, Rosanna West says: “PBL connects students with the real world.” The new structure that Rosanna has introduced at ESEI is based on students working in groups.

Together, they develop projects that require creativity and the ability to work together with other individuals who they might not necessarily get along with – just like in the workplace. This way, students learn to manage themselves, work as a team, negotiate and communicate with each other. At ESEI we encourage our professors to plan activities outside of the classroom and have their students work together with local companies on real-life business problems.



Real-World collaboration:
Benefits for students

The PBL approach is entirely student-focused and mostly student –led. It adds a lot of value, meaning, engagement and fun to the learning experience. The main benefit of Project-Based Learning is that by the time students graduate, they will essentially have a portfolio of work, valuable connections and business opportunities. By working on problems based on real business, they will acquire experience that is directly applicable to what they’ll be doing as future employees or business owners. And, they can talk about what they’ve done at job interviews!


The teacher as a:
Learning facilitator

In Project-Based Learning, the role of the teacher is essentially that of a facilitator. The students are given the autonomy, flexibility and responsibility of working together on a project. It's up to the teacher to decide on the format of the project. For example, it can be a case study, a written report, a video, a role-playing activity or a website. The teachers create the project briefs and oversee the progress that teams are making week after week, with regular check-in points.

The Project-Based Learning 2

“The project based learning methodology is the most effective way to gain hands-on experience. Throughout the whole year we got to attend workshops, conferences and networking events with significant value to me and I think every student should take part in this.”


Our goal at ESEI is to prepare our students for the real world of business, equipping them with practical skills that will help them succeed in their future jobs. At the same time, we want our students to enjoy themselves and stay engaged and motivated throughout their studies. That’s why we’re proponents of project-based learning,

We’re proud to report on an exciting project that some of our Master’s students had the opportunity to take part in. Victoria Masters’ class was invited to prove themselves in front of the Majestic Hotel’s HR team – and they did so with flying colours. Here’s how the event unfolded. The benefits of Project-Based Learning

The summer of 2019 was one of the busiest periods in ESEI’s nearly thirty-year-long history. With the help of the school’s staff, our new Head of Academics Rosanna West worked tirelessly to bring innovation to the school. She restructured all of our Masters programmes and laid the foundations of an environment that fosters Project-Based Learning

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