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ESEI Sustainability: Tree-Nation Partnership

The Earth today is in a critical condition. The threats to the environment have magnified, and the world has to work harder to save it. Earth Day, first held in 1970, is celebrated across the globe from March 21 to April 22. By now, the Earth Day Network counts 1 billion people in 192 countries who have committed to helping make our lives better by protecting it through sustainable living practices.

In order to resolve the environmental issues and make the world more sustainable, ESEI decided to Launch a Sustainability Workshop for students in our International MBA programme. Taking part in the workshop, the students visited multiple NGOs in Barcelona and had a chance to interact with leaders contributing towards making the world more sustainable such as: 

As a conclusion to the workshop, the students were required to build a sustainability project for the school. The students came-up with 2 project ideas and were accessed based on the impact generated through the projects. 

Based on the two projects, the students suggested partnering with Tree-Nation, which is an NGO supporting tree-plantation projects around the globe. This project was about creating a sustainability action plan in order to improve ESEI’s sustainability management by creating a line of actions that should be implemented.

We’re extremely proud to team up with Tree-Nation to celebrate Earth Day by Planting 200 trees in different regions of Madagascar. In the project the school will not only be Planting trees in Madagascar, but will also be supporting the economy, heritage and tribes in the region. 

The project is a response to the large-scale loss of mangroves and upland forests in Madagascar, Eden initiated the Madagascar Reforestation Project. The cooperation with Tree-Nation began in 2019 and since its inception, Eden has successfully planted over 10 million mangrove and dry deciduous trees with TN in northwest Madagascar.

ESEI is an international business school based in Barcelona, Spain and founded in 1989. We offer a portfolio of internationally outstanding undergraduate, postgraduate, professional and language programmes.

Providing a customised education that values each student’s past, present and future by providing the best, most innovative and most appropriate tools to develop their talents and enhance their performance in an international working environment. 

One of these offerings is our International MBA program with certified courses in Business Agility and Business Sustainability.We are happy to be able to provide this service to our communities and partner with Tree-Nation on the occasion of Earth Day. This is a small step, but an important one, to making the world a sustainable place for current and future generations. 

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