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Moritz feed dog

Our Masters in Marketing & Communication students took part in the first phase of an experiential project last week. They visited the premiere of the Feed Dog Festival in Barcelona; a series of events around cinema and fashion. Next month, they will attend a private Q & A session with the International Marketing Manager who organises the festival, and discuss their impressions of the event.

Hajar Hani, a student from Morocco, had this to say about the movie premiere:

Untitled 28

The people´s designer” by Jeremy Scott is an autobiographical movie about a misfit  fashion creator that is seeking to reclaim the artistic daring of his youth. 

 He is a fashion designer that never fitted into the fashion Industry, and he wanted  to prove to us that by holding to our own beliefs even if we are persecuted for it, is the  only way to make our dreams come true. In this movie, a passionate kid from Missouri  become the artistic designer of Moschino and runs The Fashion World. It  was inspirational”

Nanihi Tchan Fa, student from French Polynesia told us that “the film offered an  intimate and refreshing peek into the world of this popular and free-spirited character  and also featured an array of interviews with trendsetters, celebrities and industry  leaders. In a room often bursting with laughter, the viewers got a chance to capture all  the energy of this atypical man sitting – despite the mixed views in regard to his work –  at the top of both pop-culture and the fashion industry. Fun, audacious and strong-  willed would be three adjectives to describe it all. The satisfied spectators were offered a  glass of cava at the end of the show.”


Lif Larusdottir from Iceland took a life lesson from the story, telling us that “This movie gives an interesting insight to Jeremy’s work of art, the fashion industry and the challenging process of planning a fashion show. At the same time the story reminds you that it is possible to do great things if you only believe in yourself and work hard.”


However, the experience was about more than the movie. Emelie Jones, A Swedish 2nd year bachelor´s student, was impressed by the ambience and solid branding of the event “the venue was beautifully arranged, a lot of people in circulation and what they all seemed to have in common was a expectantly expression on their faces. The ambiance was easy going, open and I would say, happy. The event itself was being sponsored by Moritz who had welcoming beers for everyone and a DJ booth setup with a tropical feeling about it with palm trees and flowers decorating it.”

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Emelie also tells us that the “number one message” she got from the event was “don’t  compromise with the existence of who you are!

 We are different and different leads to change…

 Walking out of this event and have watched this movie, I left with warmth in my heart  and a sense of the fact that life is too short to be wearing boring clothes!  Step away from  the molded shape and dare to be you”.

On the 26th of April, the marketing students will visit the organisers on a field trip to  discuss their impressions of the event, and hear how it was sculpted, braded, sponsored and  brought to fruition by the creative team at Inedit and Feed Dog. We´ll let you know how  they get on!


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