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best master in management

Best Master in Management: how to become a successful manager in the present (and future) market

Unlocking the potential to drive an organization towards success is what defines the best master in management, whether for a multinational company or your own business.

The global market is changing: customer needs are constantly evolving, and it takes specific skills to become a successful leader in this new digital era.

In fact, being a Business Leader today is a challenge that can only be overcome with targeted knowledge.

What are the abilities you need to lead a team, or an entire organization successfully?

Becoming a successful manager to lead a multinational’s team

Having a clear goal is not enough to be a successful leader.

If you are planning to take your future with both hands it is fundamental to have the proper tools and skills, the right approach to the industry, and a clear vision of the current market trends.

In this way, you can help businesses not only to survive, but to compete and win, regardless of the industry they’re in.

Here you have some insights on what an excellent master in business management has to offer and an overview of all the resources you need to kickstart your career.

A timeless golden rule: think big, start small

Think about these two stats (and don’t be scared of them):

  • 82% of successful business owners admit they have the right qualifications and backed-up experience to run a company, even with limited cash-flow.
  • About 90% of startups fail.

These are actually good news for those that want to emerge in an open ocean of young entrepreneurs.

In fact, getting the “business weapons” to find the right market and win the competition is, surprisingly, what most amateur entrepreneurs miss, and the consequences are clear.

Hence, in order to be part of that 10%, it’s necessary to think big while getting the specific knowledge that directs your mindset.

This means not only studying useful content, but accessing the right business network.

Insights on an effective master in business management

Choosing the right master course to get your kickstart tools and business opportunities is what will make the difference in your future career.

This is why it’s essential to identify what a master in business management should include:

  • Leadership, communication and people-oriented skills, in order to become able to get entire groups of people aligned with the business goals, and manage international teams.
  • Insights on the current market trends and latest tools, technologies and methodologies used by winning organizations
  • Project management competences, such as KPI establishment and construction of data-driven strategies
  • Side activities that can boost your knowledge by focusing on practical business simulations
  • Parallel events and career services aimed to build a business network

The best master in management in one of the best European cities

Having the opportunity of studying and living in a multicultural city such as Barcelona is not a chance to take for granted.

Not only Barcelona’s business network is constituted of over 477.000 companies, but students and professionals from all over the world come to the second largest Spanish city to improve their careers and find opportunities.

Finally, the entrepreneurial activity rate (TEA) of the resident population (aged 18-64) in the Province of Barcelona was 7.1% in 2019, a percentage above the Spanish average (6.1%), and the rate for Catalonia (8.3%) remains also higher than that of Sweden (8.2%), Germany (7.6%) and Italy (2.8%).

In Barcelona, you can literally smell chances at every corner. You just need a trained nose. 

ESEI’s Business management course gives results

The ESEI’s Business Management course is a practical oriented master that opens a fresh point of view on leading a business

As the market evolution never stops, a business-focused master should prepare students and professionals to run a company while adapting it to change.

This means giving people the business chances to kick start their career, and the tools they need to constantly improve.

At ESEI, we are committed to proving the effectiveness of our methodology. In fact:

  • 90% of the Business Management course students found a related job 6 months after graduation
  • 64% of the students have a management position today

Thanks also to the teaching schema used to structure the Master’s modules: a project-based learning congruent to your future business tasks.

Best master in management: becoming the leader of the future

Sometimes, becoming a world changer can look like a bigger task than us; but every big accomplishment in history has started with a first (relatively) small step.

In this sense, choosing to become a leader and taking the initiative of being prepared for it should be your first move.

ESEI business school unlocks knowledge and opportunities by providing updated and reliable material, together with career chances from worldwide known big names.

Get more info now on our Master in Business Management by accessing our prospectus.


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