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Studying in Barcelona: Get inspired by ESEI’s 31st Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony at ESEI: 31st edition!

On the first of July 2022, the tallest building in the city of Barcelona, the Torre Agbar, was home to a very special celebration: ESEI’s 31st Graduation Ceremony.

There, our graduates and mentors reunited to celebrate the power of dreams and commitment.

But most importantly, this ceremony has been a display of pure inspiration.

Inspiration towards the future, even when we don’t know exactly what it will bring us.

Even if we end up struggling at some point. Because that’s what happens when we grow.

At first, we find ourselves facing new challenges. Then, we need to take a step out of our comfort zone. And that’s the turning point where we, as human beings, start adapting to new circumstances.

But that’s also where the magic happens. Because as you will discover if you choose to embark on a new adventure here at ESEI, dynamism, and adaptation are some of our core values.

In fact, as Simisola Okoya (the Head of Admissions here at ESEI) reminds us, it’s our innate agility that made us quick to respond to the new challenges in business with innovative programmes and collaborations with our partners.

For this occasion, for example, ESEI partnered with Tree Nation and planted 123 trees, one for each student who graduated this year.

Our collaboration with Tree Nation represents a crucial step for our development and our journey to make ESEI a sustainability lab.

Graduation ceremony, students of ESEI

Be your own hero: Graduation

This ceremony wasn’t merely a ceremony. It was a celebration of the human being and the achievements he or she can make.

And being a good human being, here at ESEI, means also being your own hero.

That is to say, in the words of ESEI professor Willem Van Rossen, “Heroes are brave. They step into the unknown. They are willing to risk their lives for others, for the common good, for the world at large. Be courageous, be selfless, be a risk taker.”

Professor Van Rossen perfectly depicts the journey of studying at ESEI.
In his speech, he highlights the rewards and achievements that may come along with being a hero, but neither does he fail to report the struggles that often occur in the process.

His powerful words are a great source of inspiration and motivation to overcome one’s fears and obstacles.

In fact, professor Van rossen also mentions the fact that “heroes often find that despite or because of challenging events or circumstances, they discover their purpose, their higher calling, their destiny…”.

And that’s one of the greatest lessons you will learn here at ESEI because in an ever-changing world, adaptability is once again the secret power that allows us to grow.

Especially when the future seems uncertain.

That’s something Carlota Estera, Co-Director of ESEI, also talked about in her speech.

Actually, she addressed the importance for our students to keep developing their soft skills.

In a world where artificial intelligence and robots seem to be the next turning point, she says, we need to develop all-human talents such as leadership, creativity, and empathy.

Because, in the end, that’s what makes us great human beings.

What our graduates say

Graduation at ESEI. 31st edition

Even some of our students took a chance to say a few words during our ceremony, showing that, indeed, their permanence here at ESEI had an impact on their way of approaching the world.

Yasmeen is one of the members of ESEI’s class of 2022, and as her speech highlights, she is proud of her and her fellow graduates’ success and achievements.

But most of all, in her speech she too mentioned the great power of inspiration, saying that she felt inspired by her colleagues’ projects and their will to make the world a better place.

Be it a project with the aim to create a sporting community in the blue mountains, building a better future for Lebanese expats through NFT, or even creating personalized scents to empower women in the middle east, Yasmeen’s words let us understand the power of shared goals and experiences from people all around the world.

Here at ESEI, that’s something you will touch first-hand every day, because, since our foundation in 1989, we have welcomed students and faculty from more than a hundred different nationalities from around the world to be part of our family.

In particular, this year our current graduates had the opportunity to learn from and connect with fellow students, faculty members, and staff from 52 countries.

Needless to say that if you want to expand your view and include new perspectives, you should definitely look for a school that welcomes diversity, in every shape and form.

A place like ESEI, where students will find the strength to keep overcoming their limits in each other’s dreams.

To say it with Haramrit’s words, one of this year’s graduates:

“Grab every opportunity that you can, even if you fail it is a learning experience as you grow through what you go through”.

Because that’s the only way that leads to excellence, which in the end is what allows us to seek the best learning experiences for our students. Year after year.

Now, if you feel ready to make new ever-lasting connections here at ESEI and start building your future career, check out our courses here.

We definitely hope to see you next year. Let’s continue to grow. Together.

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