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Top experts of the world: Get a chance to meet them at ESEI Business School

Why learning from top experts can help you further your career development!

Studying in Barcelona can be the start of a dynamic and glowing career in the field of your dreams.

Especially, applying for ESEI Business School’s programmes will give you many useful tools to succeed in the industry you have chosen.

In fact, thanks to our University Business Courses our students are given the unique chance to make connections with the most successful professionals and leaders.

Learn from their stories first-hand and let yourself get inspired by their precious insights by learning from their experience.


Barcelona is home to the best business minds, and in the last semester we had the pleasure to host some of them, and they gave unique lectures to our students.

In fact, in the past few months, we held a cycle of events here at ESEI in which we had the opportunity to have great teachers and industry professionals among our Guest Speakers.

This is an essential process for us in order to give our students new perspectives on the power of networking with those already working successfully in their chosen fields.

This way, our students were able to study and develop their personal careers with the direct support of established professionals.

Now, let’s take a closer look at our guests.


Speaker Ausias Acarin is an SEO consultant who first graduated in microbiology and then moved to the web development industry.

He is now an expert in providing Digital Project Direction and SEO Strategic consultancy.

Our bachelor students were amazed to talk about SEO practices applied to the marketing field.

Moving on with our list, we also had the honor to host Ignacio Tornos in our Master’s in Sports Management.

Ignacio’s speech was very useful for our students in order to better understand Sportstech Business models and how digitization impacts sports.

Again, we had Lluís Soldevila, who as CEO at Acktitude and international speaker in the areas of Digital Leadership and High-Performance Teams gave our students great insights into the field of Digital Transformation.

Then, thanks to Pol Hortal, our students from the Digital Entertainment program collected precious information from a serial entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience founding and scaling start-ups.

In fact, Pol, who is currently managing a Tech Transfer Venture Building Program at Mobile World Capital Barcelona, helped our students put into practice what they had learned when it comes to understanding the best practices on how to start a digital business.

Speaker Xavier Vilaseca, Footnet CEO & Founder and also an IP Lawyer & Sports Consultant, took part in our event concerning Intellectual Property IP in Sports.

In the course of the event, which took place in April, our students discovered world licensing rights.

With more than 15 years of experience as a lawyer specializing in IP IT law, Xavier was definitely the best pick for this topic.

Javier González, who is the CEO and founder of Tonic Teaching, represents a great example of a real experience of an entrepreneur building a company during the COVID pandemic.

Aside from that, he also is a valuable social entrepreneur who believes that the only difference between persons is education or the lack of it.

That’s why, among other things, he committed to developing courses and academic programs to be taught in refugee camps.

Raksha C. was our speaker in the Marketing and Communication programme and taught our students the best content strategy tactics, specifically on how to write good content, how to work in this area, and even some personal branding.

They did so online so that they were able to fully understand how powerful networking can be.

Moreover, Raksha’s advice in this session was really helpful for them in order to develop their final project, other than for their personal development.

These are only a few of the many professionals that you will have the opportunity to connect with at ESEI.

If you already wish to know more about our courses, feel free to take a look here.

Don’t miss out!

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