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The 15th of December, Loic le Joliff, co-founder of Piknic Electronik Barcelona came at ESEI to give a talk to the students about Event Creation and Applied Marketing Strategy.


Here is the summary of the event by Sigridur, an Icelandic Bachelor student.

“The presentation began on how Piknic Electronik started in Barcelona. Loic, explained us how the event evolved year after year from the moment they launched. He also explained the negotiations process for companies that are organising events. He went over which countries are starting to host Piknic Electronik and explained what the risks were and how the regulations in each country effect on the organisation. He was really honest about everything and was very open to answer the questions we had.

He encouraged us to do what we love even if that means taking risks and motivated us to go for it! He gave us a lot of great tips on how to organise big and small events.

I was not at all into event planning before but after the presentation I got really interested in working with companies that host events”.

At ESEI, we believe that by having entrepreneurs sharing their experiences and passions, students can get inspired to develop and believe in their own projects and open their minds to new perspectives.

Thank you all for this great session!

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