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Summer courses: Welcoming students from TEC de Monterrey

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This June, ESEI had the pleasure to host a group of students from Monterrey, Mexico for nearly four weeks. The students, who are studying at Tecnológico (TEC) de Monterrey, had the option to choose between two summer courses: Consultancy and Digital Marketing or International Strategy and Globalisation. They took part in an intensive programme aimed to equip them with new skills they can utilise in their studies and their future careers. 

Of course, the trip wasn’t just about in-class learning. The students also had the chance to visit local companies, get a taste of the Barcelona startup scene and discover the city’s diverse culture. 

Here are some of the highlights from their trip. 

Four weeks in Barcelona

The students taking part in the two summer courses come from different academic backgrounds, from international relations to engineering. Some are just starting their university studies, others are close to finishing. So what brings them to Barcelona?

We spoke to Luigia Bonvino, our summer course coordinator, who told us that the main objective of the programme is to offer the students an academic and cultural experience in a foreign country. 

“The programme is designed as a complementary experience to their studies. Upon returning to their home country, the students will have had a learning experience facilitated by European professionals and a cultural experience that’s very different from their own,” she says. 

The summer course has two main components. The students spend a total of 114 hours in practical classes taught by ESEI’s professors. They also enjoy 24 hours of guided visits to local companies.

“This year, we visited the wine company Torres and Barcelona Tech City together. Then, each group took part in separate visits to companies that operate in fields that are directly related to the main themes of the two courses, Digital Marketing and International Strategy and Globalisation,” Luigia says. 

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What the students say

“I like that every subject is taught by a professor who’s an expert in that specific area,” says Luis Rodrigo, a student attending the Consultancy and Digital Marketing course. “When they enter the classroom, they tell you what they specialise in, for example, e-commerce websites or Google Ads and Facebook Business. This way, you know that they’re talking about what they do best.”

Luis was also impressed by the professors’ openness: they were always happy to answer questions and investigate further. 

“The professors are all very charismatic and there was a sense of trust between them and the students,” he adds. 

What’s more he points out that the classes were very practical. After explaining the theory, the professors asked the students to participate in practical activities and look at case studies to demonstrate how their new knowledge can be applied to specific projects in a real-world context. 

“I think that this course can help you whether you want to start your own business or develop your career within a company,” he says. 

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Another student, Emilio, who took part in the International Strategy and Globalisation course, agreed with Luis: “I think that the biggest value of ESEI is its professors. I really liked their method of teaching. They have a lot of professional experience, and the content of the classes was very well-chosen.” 

Emilio describes the visit to Barcelona Tech City as one of the highlights of the trip. “It was a valuable experience that really enriched our trip. We learned that Barcelona is an important commercial capital and an attractive place for startups.”

As for his main takeaway from the course, Emilio told us:

“We have to understand that the world is becoming more and more globalised, and the decisions we make locally have a global impact. It’s important to have a broader vision because that’s when you can do more and make better decisions.”

For many of the students who came to Barcelona for the summer course, this was just the first of many adventures. Emilio and his friends, for example, are planning to go on a road trip around Europe before they return to Mexico. 

The teachers who accompanied the group, Bertha Sanchez and Maria Eugenia Silva were also very happy with the outcome of the programme. They were pleased to see their students’ eagerness to participate in activities. They, too, noted how approachable the professors were and how much they were willing to help the students. 

Until next year!

This was the third time that ESEI welcomed a group of students from TEC de Monterrey – and it certainly won’t be the last.

The success of the programme has inspired us to try and improve it year by year, and we look forward to creating more high-quality learning experiences for our guests. 

Would you like to do a summer course abroad? Where would you like to go? 

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