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At ESEI, we’ve been working hard to prepare for our autumn semester in light of the global pandemic. And we’re proud to announce that starting in October, all our courses will be available for our students to take from a distance or in-person until circumstances return to relative normality.

The Catalan government has announced that schools will reopen in time for the new school year – however, some of you may not be able to relocate or return to Barcelona in October. With our new remote learning option, you’ll be able to start your course as planned, even if you need to stay home for a few more weeks or even months. For those who want to spend an entire year in Barcelona, we’re also offering an extended Master’s programme period.

Now, let’s talk about why we decided to make these changes – and what your classes are going to look like.

Why are we offering a remote learning option?

We are deeply aware of the disruption that COVID-19 has caused. At the end of March, we moved all our classes online to make sure our current students could continue their studies as planned. Since then, we’ve also been organising online career workshops and other events to further support our students.

Of course, we don’t just care about our current students, but also those who’d like to start studying with us next semester. We realise that some of you may not be able to come to Barcelona when the autumn semester kicks off in October. Travel restrictions and visa delays could disrupt your plans, or you might simply have concerns about travelling to Spain so soon.

That’s why we’ve decided to allow remote students to follow and participate in ESEI’s standard-running offline programmes. That’s right – we’ve come up with a way to let you join our classes even if you’re unable to attend them in person. You will have the option to join us in Barcelona as soon as you can travel, at any point during the semester.

This is a huge undertaking and not something that we’ve ever done before, but we are convinced that you will love it. Here’s what our autumn courses will look like.

How is it going to work?

This new school year, our classes will support remote learning and in-person participation in a synchronous way. To make this happen, we’ll be leveraging some innovative technology tools designed to help all students get the most out of their courses.

Each classroom will be equipped with a portable camera and microphone system. With this solution, remote students can join classes via videoconferencing.

Students studying from home will appear on a projector screen for offline students to see and hear. Teachers will share their screens with remote students so they can see their slides. They will position the camera to face the front of the class and whiteboard, so that remote students can truly feel like they’re here with us in person. The camera system is fully portable, so it can be turned around to face the students in the classroom during class discussions and group work.

To facilitate classroom activities and group work, teachers will share materials with online students before each class on our learning platform, Canvas. In addition, remote learners will have a weekly 1-hour remote learning support session with their teachers to make sure that they can ask questions and receive personalised feedback, etc.

All in all, this solution will allow remote and offline students to have a very similar programme experience. We are committed to planning our classes in a way that is engaging for all students, and we will drive collaboration, creativity and connection across both groups.

What makes remote learning a good option for you?

The remote learning option is a great opportunity for all of our international students who can’t make it to Barcelona for October, for some reason or another.

You won’t need to worry about falling behind – all students will have a fixed timetable, and standard attendance policies will apply to both in-person and remote learners. And of course, we will provide you with all the support you need to participate in the programme.

Best of all, you will get to be a part of our community. You’ll have the chance to interact with our professors and offline student peers on a personal level. You will see their faces and hear their voices. When you finally arrive in Barcelona and meet them in person for the first time, you will already have an established relationship.

What if you’d like to spend a full year in Barcelona?

We are very fortunate to be located in such a beautiful city, and we want to make sure that you have enough time to experience everything that Barcelona has to offer. This is why, as a complement to our remote learning option, we’ll also be offering an extended Master’s programme.

Students who start their courses remotely in the autumn semester will have the opportunity to complete their Master’s programmes in 3 semesters instead of 2.

You’ll complete part or all of your first semester online, from your home country. Once travel conditions allow, you’ll come to Barcelona and join our presential classes for the second semester starting in spring 2021. And finally, you’ll have a third, extra semester to spend in Barcelona starting in autumn 2021, during which you will complete an internship and present your thesis by January 2022.

To sum it up, this is what the extended Master’s programme will look like:

  • 1st semester (part or full): online classes
  • 2nd semester: offline classes in Barcelona
  • 3rd semester: internship and thesis

This is a great option for you if you want to spend an entire year in Barcelona but are unable to relocate in October.

If you’re one of our current students who started their course in the spring of 2020 but you haven’t been able to enjoy Barcelona to the fullest because of the lockdown, you can also choose to extend your Master’s programme to 3 semesters.

The extended Master’s programme provides the same 60 ECTS credits as our regular Master’s programme, at the same price. You can be a part of ESEI for 3 semesters at no extra cost!

Pay your tuition fees in a safe, easy and digital way

Last but not least, we’re proud to announce that from now on, we accept digital payments next to bank transfers and cash.

We’ve partnered with Flywire to give you a fast, easy and convenient online payment experience.

You can choose your preferred online payment method – be that Visa, MasterCard, PayPal or other – and pay your tuition fees in your local currency. This guarantees a fair exchange rate.

Flywire is a certified secure payment processing system, so you don’t have to worry about safety. You can track the status of your payment in the Flywire app.

We are looking forward to meeting you

We can’t wait to welcome you to our community at ESEI.

If you have any questions about the new remote learning option or the extended Master’s programme, please get in touch with us.

If you haven’t applied to any of our courses yet, you can do so here.

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