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ESEI: A Forbes-Featured Success Story in Shaping Global Business Leaders

ESEI: A Forbes-Featured Success Story in Shaping Global Business Leaders

ESEI: A Forbes-Featured Success Story in Shaping Global Business Leaders

Shaping Global Business Leaders

We are delighted to share an exciting announcement with all our readers! ESEI, a renowned educational institution, has recently achieved a significant milestone by being recognized as one of the top business school programs in Spain. In this captivating article, we invite you to join us as we explore ESEI’s core values, rich history, and innovative educational approach.

Through exclusive interviews with directors Carlota Estera and Jordi Estera, Forbes sheds light on ESEI’s remarkable journey to excellence.

ESEI’s Core Values and Rich History

ESEI, which stands for Escuela Superior de Empresas Internacionales, has long been committed to providing high-quality education in the field of business. The school’s core values, including academic excellence, innovation, and a global mindset, have shaped its identity over the years. Founded in Barcelona in 1989, ESEI has a rich history of nurturing young minds and preparing them for the ever-evolving global business landscape and shaping global business leaders.

Innovative Educational Approach

ESEI’s innovative approach to education sets it apart from other institutions. The school focuses on bridging the gap between theory and practice by offering hands-on learning experiences to its students. By collaborating with industry professionals and organizations, ESEI ensures that its students gain practical insights and develop relevant skills to thrive in the business world.

Furthermore, ESEI embraces a global perspective, encouraging students to explore international business practices and cultures. With a diverse student body representing various countries, the school fosters an inclusive and multicultural learning environment, shaping global business leaders!

Interviews with Directors Carlota Estera and Jordi Estera

Forbes features exclusive interviews with ESEI’s directors, Carlota Estera and Jordi Estera, who provide valuable insights into the school’s success. In these interviews, they share their vision for ESEI, discussing the institution’s commitment to academic excellence and its efforts to stay at the forefront of business education.

Carlota Estera, Director of Studies at ESEI, emphasizes the importance of combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience. She highlights ESEI’s partnerships with businesses, enabling students to engage in real-world projects and internships, thus equipping them with the skills and confidence to tackle complex business challenges.

Jordi Estera, Director of Operations, discusses ESEI’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve by embracing technological advancements and incorporating them into the curriculum. He also emphasizes the significance of adaptability and lifelong learning in today’s dynamic business environment.

Journey to Excellence

ESEI’s recognition as one of the top business school programs in Spain is a testament to the institution’s dedication to providing an outstanding educational experience. With a strong emphasis on practical learning, global perspectives, and innovation, ESEI equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their professional careers.

The Forbes article offers a glimpse into ESEI’s journey to excellence, highlighting the milestones achieved and the efforts made by the institution to maintain its position as a leader in business education. The recognition serves as a testament to the hard work of the faculty, staff, and students who have contributed to ESEI’s success over the years.

International MBA

ESEI International Business School offers an International MBA program in a full-time format. The program duration is one academic year, and the program price is €14,500. ESEI also provides scholarships of up to 10% for eligible students.

One of the highlights of ESEI’s International MBA program is the qualifications of its teachers. All the teachers at ESEI are active professionals, and eight out of ten have received academic excellence awards based on student evaluations. The school values the inspiring profile and passion for teaching of its faculty members.

The program has a strong emphasis on job projection, and 90% of the students obtain employment contracts in companies upon completion of the program. The International MBA at ESEI has a marked international perspective, with 70% of the teachers and 98% of the students being international.

Recognizing Achievements 

ESEI’s achievement of being recognized as one of the top business school programs in Spain is a significant milestone that celebrates the institution’s commitment to excellence. Through its core values, innovative educational approach, and diverse and inclusive learning environment, ESEI continues to shape the future leaders of the business world.

As ESEI’s journey to excellence unfolds, it will undoubtedly inspire and empower students to pursue their dreams and make a meaningful impact in their respective fields. To learn more about ESEI’s remarkable journey.

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