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Unveiling the Power of Networking: A Visit to TravelPerk

Unveiling the Power of Networking: A Visit to TravelPerk

Unveiling the Power of Networking: A Visit to TravelPerk

Exploring the Practical Significance of Networking in Business School

When choosing a business school, considerations such as program structure, reputation, tuition costs, faculty expertise, and the student community often dominate our decision-making process. However, one vital aspect that is sometimes overlooked is the power of networking. In this blog post, I will recount my personal experience of visiting TravelPerk, an exceptional company based in Barcelona. Organized by my business school, ESEI, this eye-opening excursion not only provided us with insights into TravelPerk’s operations but also showcased the importance of networking and its potential to shape our career opportunities.

Unveiling TravelPerk: An Atmosphere of Innovation and Collaboration

As our group stepped into TravelPerk’s state-of-the-art building, an atmosphere of innovation and creativity enveloped us. Led by Sam Needlman, an alumnus of ESEI and our knowledgeable guide for the day, we embarked on a journey through the vibrant workspace that encapsulated TravelPerk’s commitment to collaboration and productivity. The modern and dynamic environment spoke volumes about the company’s ethos of pushing boundaries and fostering an innovative mindset. Witnessing the passion of TravelPerk employees for their work was truly inspiring, igniting our own aspirations for professional excellence.

Unveiling TravelPerk: An Atmosphere of Innovation and Collaboration

The Personal Journey of Sam Needlman: A Source of Inspiration

During our visit, Sam Needlman graciously shared his personal story and experiences, providing us with a source of inspiration. We learned about the remarkable growth opportunities within TravelPerk and how Sam’s own journey had shaped his career trajectory. His insights highlighted the potential for professional development within the company, leaving a lasting impression on us and fuelling our aspirations for future success. Sam’s success story served as a powerful testament to the possibilities that awaited us in the business world.

The Personal Journey of Sam Needlman: A Source of Inspiration

Understanding TravelPerk’s Recruitment Process: Building a Diverse and Talented Workforce

Francisca Garaventa and Anton Schutte, members of TravelPerk’s Human Resources team, took the stage to shed light on the company’s rigorous hiring process. Their comprehensive presentation gave us valuable insights into TravelPerk’s recruitment strategy, emphasizing their commitment to diversity, talent acquisition, and fostering an inclusive work environment. We gained a deep understanding of how TravelPerk values the unique contributions that individuals from different backgrounds bring to the table. This knowledge proved invaluable in understanding the company’s values and culture, and it reinforced the significance of building diverse teams in today’s global business landscape.

Understanding TravelPerk's Recruitment Process: Building a Diverse and Talented Workforce

Interactive Q&A Session: Delving Deeper into TravelPerk’s Success

One of the highlights of our visit was the opportunity to engage in a lively Q&A session with the TravelPerk team. We had the privilege of delving deeper into various aspects of the company, ranging from its cutting-edge technology to its unique company culture. The team’s open and informative responses not only provided us with a greater appreciation for TravelPerk’s dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction but also allowed us to glean valuable insights into the inner workings of a successful and rapidly growing company.

Broadening Horizons and Igniting Curiosity: The Impact of the TravelPerk Visit

Our visit to TravelPerk left an indelible mark on our minds. We gained valuable insights into the world of travel technology and witnessed firsthand the impact of innovative solutions on the industry. It was inspiring to see a fellow ESEI alumnus like Sam thriving in such a dynamic environment, and it reinforced our belief in the possibilities that awaited us upon graduation. The visit not only broadened our horizons but also sparked our curiosity to explore new opportunities and embrace the ever-evolving landscape of business.

Networking: Shaping Possibilities for Business School Students

Ultimately, the significance attached to such visits and networking opportunities depends on the individual and their aspirations. While some may perceive these visits as mere tours, they hold the potential for invaluable networking. As business school students, it is crucial to recognize and seize the networking potential that such experiences offer. By forging connections with professionals in our desired industry, we can open doors to new possibilities and take control of our career paths. Networking is not just a buzzword but a powerful tool that can shape our professional journey and propel us toward success in the business world.

Author: Marina Mishina, MC Master Student at ESEI

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