COVID-19: Our response to the crisis

Our response to the unprecedented circumstances brought about by the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has continuously made the health and safety of our students and staff its highest priority. Following a Spring semester that was converted into an online format due to the government-ordered quarantine period, over the summer we implemented expertly-informed Covid prevention policies, procedures and measures in order to safely open our doors for the Fall 2020 semester. 

Regarding the way we have adapted our programmes to the problems faced by education institutions this year, such as the restriction on international movement, we have worked hard to not only maintain the learning experience we offer but actually enhance it, all while ensuring the safety of our community. While the process has not been without its challenges, we have managed to build hybrid classrooms in which students can connect as remote learners from wherever they are in the world, making our programmes 100% available internationally. 

COVID-19: Our response to the crisis 4

We also have a hands-on, experienced admissions team ready to take you through the admissions process and guide you on everything you need to know when considering international studies under the current circumstances. We offer one-on-one live video calls with our admissions team to provide all the key information that potential students joining an ESEI programme might need. During these sessions you can ask all your burning questions about the programmes, the school, career opportunities and Covid19 concerns.

The launch of Remote Learning at ESEI

This new school year, our classes support remote learning and in-person participation in a synchronous way. We have designed, implemented and launched hybrid classrooms in order to cater to the increasingly diverse student needs that have resulted from the Covid crisis circumstances. 

To make this happen, we have invested in some innovative technology tools. Each classroom is now equipped with a portable camera and microphone system, allowing students unable to get to Barcelona due to the consequences of the crisis to join on-campus classes virtually. Remote learners tune into the classroom via videoconferencing (Zoom), and on top of being able to see, hear, and participate in the live class, they are also asked to work directly with on-campus students during class activities and project work. Our on-campus learners all come to class with their laptop and headphones, and during group work they too connect to the Zoom meeting in order to work directly with remote learners in Zoom breakout rooms. What does this result in? Meaningful interaction between on-campus and online students and a strong sense of unity and community among the student body as a whole. A truly hybrid classroom approach.

COVID-19: Our response to the crisis 5

In addition, we have invested in new 75 inch touchscreens for our classrooms which not only provide students with a high-definition display of class content (slides, videos, etc.), but also provide our teaching faculty with a dynamic interactive whiteboard tool which allows notes to be taken and displayed to all learners - both online and offline - live. The in-class technology, paired with the students’ daily use of our virtual classroom platform, Canvas, mean both on-campus and remote learners have everything they need at their fingertips to be able to successfully follow their programme and make important connections with their peers.

The outcome of all of this is that students who are tuning in from home to interact and participate in their programme can do so just as much as on-campus learners, as the  new technology creates a 360 classroom experience for them. Teachers also share their screens via the Zoom conferencing software so the remote learners have the same view as in-class learners, displayed directly to their computer screens.

All in all, this solution allows remote and offline students to have a very similar programme experience. We are committed to running our classes in a way that is engaging for all students, and that drives collaboration, creativity and connection across both groups.

Life in Barcelona during Covid times

Barcelona, like the rest of the world, is of course experiencing certain restrictions during this period, and ESEI continues to follow government regulations when it comes to decision making. However, Barcelona is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city that is still full of opportunities to meet new people, network and explore.

Check out this recent ESEI blog post which tells you about how Barcelona is staying alive and kicking during the crisis and also gives you insider tips on what’s still open to visit. 

COVID-19: Our response to the crisis 6

ESEI campus COVID-19 measures

We have implemented all expert-recommended Covid measures on campus, the key ones being:

  • Masks should be worn at all times while on campus - this is to protect yourselves and others in the ESEI community.
  • Upon arrival to ESEI you must go through the main reception, apply the hand sanitizer found upon entry and wait until your temperature has been taken by an ESEI member of staff before moving around the campus.
  • Ensure to wash your hands well when using ESEI facilities and to use regularly the hand sanitizer provided in common areas.
  • If you wish to use the ESEI vending machines before class or during any break, respect the maximum capacity of the coffee space as displayed on the walls.
  • During any break time, you must go to the ESEI garden and practice social distancing and continue to wear your mask

ESEI COVID-19 Policy

If a faculty member, staff member or student is feeling unwell, they should:

  • Stay at home
  • Notify the school by calling +34 934 174 677 or send an email to [email protected] or [email protected]
  • Call the Covid hotline on 061 and follow instructions from the local medical authorities.
  •  Inform the school via email of the advice/instructions received from the authorities.
  •  If the hotline has advised a quarantine period and/or a Covid test, the person in question should not come back to campus until a negative result is confirmed (and shared with [email protected]).
  • If the person in question tests positive for Covid, the student group (programme) in question will go into a 14-day quarantine. On top of the isolation of the student group who has been in direct contact, a risk assessment will also be conducted by the ESEI administration

If you have any questions regarding our new hybrid classrooms, the measures we are taking in response to the crisis, or life in Barcelona during Covid19 times, please do not hesitate to reach out.

We wish all our students, staff and community members good health and wellbeing going forward.



Carlota Estera
Managing Director

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