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simisola okoya

Simisola Okoya

Head of Admissions and Marketing

Simisola Okoya – Head of Admissions & Marketing

Hello and welcome to ESEI! I’m Simi and coordinate the Admissions and Marketing team at ESEI. We are the first in line in the people that you’ll meet (or have already met) during this incredible ESEI-Barcelona adventure.


As the Head of Admissions and Marketing, I find great satisfaction in guiding our team to ensure that you not only receive thorough information and support regarding ESEI but also navigate seamlessly through our admissions process and settle comfortably into the dynamic city of Barcelona. Beyond our formal responsibilities, our team is dedicated to offering personalized advice on every facet of your student journey, and we encourage you to connect with us for any queries.

For external partners intrigued by collaboration opportunities in student recruitment and marketing initiatives, our team is always eager to hear your ideas and explore potential synergies! Feel free to reach out; we welcome the opportunity to work together.

Contact Information

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Tel: +34 934 174 677
  • Mobile/Whatsapp: +34 620 72 23 74
  • Office hours: Available Monday to Friday (10 am – 6:30 pm)

I take pride in leading our Admissions and Marketing team to provide comprehensive support for your ESEI journey in Barcelona. Beyond formal responsibilities, we offer personalized guidance and encourage your queries. External partners interested in collaborations are warmly welcomed; share your ideas, and let’s explore synergies together!

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