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carlota estera

Carlota Estera


Carlota Estera – Co-Director of ESEI

Hello, I’m Carlota Estera, the Co-Director of ESEI International Business School. I’m deeply committed to our mission of shaping the next generation of global leaders.

At ESEI, we are passionate about offering an educational experience that not only imparts knowledge but also inspires change. I’m excited to guide and support our students, helping them unlock their full potential on their journey to success.

My Vision: My philosophy is simple: when ESEI’s team is happy and thriving, your entire educational journey becomes unique and enjoyable. My role extends beyond just leadership; I am directly involved in charting the overall strategy for our school.

This encompasses the development of new programs, expansion into new markets, and fostering business growth opportunities.

Your feedback is invaluable to us, and I personally make it a point to listen to and review all your input. This feedback is instrumental in enhancing our facilities and ensuring that ESEI remains a fantastic place to study.


You’ll often find me in the role of a mentor and coach, conducting workshops on career development to empower our students to reach their fullest potential. Currently, I’m at the helm of ESEI’s Marketing Department, where I lead and inspire a talented team to achieve remarkable outcomes.

  • Team Leadership and Supervision: I lead and mentor our dynamic team, ensuring that each department aligns with our overall vision and goals. This includes overseeing academic staff, administration, marketing, and student services, guaranteeing a cohesive and effective team environment.
  • Quality Assurance: I am deeply committed to upholding the highest standards of educational quality. This involves regular review and enhancement of our curriculum, teaching methods, and student engagement strategies to ensure that we are delivering an exceptional learning experience.
  • Product Development: A key part of my role involves continuously developing and innovating our educational offerings. This ranges from updating existing programs to designing new courses and learning modules that meet the evolving needs of the business world.
  • Business Strategy and Development: I actively engage in formulating and executing business strategies that drive the growth of ESEI. This includes expanding our partnerships, exploring new markets, and enhancing our brand presence both locally and internationally.
  • Student Engagement: I take a hands-on approach to engage with students, providing them with comprehensive information about our courses, career services, and the unique benefits of studying at ESEI. My aim is to ensure that every student feels informed and supported from their first inquiry through to their graduation.

Contact Information

You can connect with me through various channels:

Office Hours: I am available to assist you from Monday to Friday. Please refer to our office hours for specific availability.

Whether you’re exploring personal development opportunities or seeking comprehensive information about ESEI International Business School, I am here to offer you support and guidance. As a certified NLP coach and an advocate for holistic educational practices, I understand the importance of choosing the right path for your personal and professional growth.

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