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Marc Johnson

Marc Johnson


Marc Johnson – Representative of the ESEI Student Council

Position Overview

Marc Johnson serves as a Representative on the ESEI Student Council, playing a crucial role in bridging the gap between the student body and the council. This position requires keen observation, active engagement with various school aspects, and effective communication to gather and convey the needs, concerns, and suggestions of the student population. Marc’s role is pivotal in ensuring that the council’s decisions and initiatives are informed by a broad spectrum of student perspectives.

Key Responsibilities

  • Information Gathering: Marc Johnson is actively involved in collecting detailed information on various aspects of school life, including academic programs, campus facilities, student welfare, and extracurricular activities. This involves engaging with students, attending relevant meetings or forums, and staying abreast of issues and developments that affect the student body.
  • Reporting and Proposal Submission: As a conduit for student feedback, Marc Johnson is responsible for accurately reporting collected information to the council. This includes presenting findings, highlighting concerns, and proposing ideas for new initiatives or improvements. His contributions are essential for the council to make informed decisions that truly reflect student needs and preferences.
  • Active Participation in Discussions: Marc Johnson brings a unique perspective to council discussions, enriched by direct insights from the student community. His participation ensures that a diverse range of viewpoints is considered in the council’s deliberations, promoting decisions that are inclusive and representative of the student body’s best interests.
  • Advocacy and Representation: Marc Johnson advocates for the interests and welfare of the student body, ensuring that their voices are heard and considered in the council’s activities. He represents the concerns and aspirations of students, working towards solutions that enhance the overall student experience at ESEI.

Skills and Qualities

  • Strong Communication: Excellent communication skills, both oral and written, are crucial for effectively gathering and conveying information, as well as for participating in council discussions.
  • Engagement and Networking: Ability to actively engage with the student community, build relationships, and create networks that facilitate the effective gathering of insights and feedback.
  • Analytical Thinking: Marc must be able to analyze information, identify key issues, and propose viable solutions or improvements.
  • Diplomacy and Persuasiveness: Skills in diplomacy and persuasion enable Marc to effectively advocate for student interests and encourage the council to consider and adopt proposed ideas.
  • Commitment and Passion: A strong commitment to the welfare of the student body and a passion for making a positive impact on the school community are essential for fulfilling the responsibilities of this role.


In his role as a Representative, Marc Johnson is a vital link between the student body and the ESEI Student Council, playing a key role in ensuring that student governance is responsive, inclusive, and effective. Through diligent information gathering, active participation in discussions, and advocacy for student interests, Marc helps shape initiatives and policies that enhance the quality of life and learning for students at ESEI International Business School of Barcelona.

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