Beginner (A1-A2)

Start dates
October / March

120 hours
in total


Spanish intensive language course

We offer a beginners Spanish intensive language course that is aimed at developing students’ ability to understand, speak, read and write in Spanish for their daily life in Barcelona as well as their business and professional life. You will work on grammar, speaking, reading and vocabulary in a practical way; this means doing exercises, watching videos, having group conversations and venturing out into the city to put what you learn into practice. 

Classes are in Spanish from day one, which means you will be able to start communicating in Spanish from the very beginning of the course.




“I remember the very first class we had I was nervous because I'd never done Spanish in my life before and I knew learning a new language can be challenging and sometimes even frustrating. But the moment I stepped into class and the teacher, Cristina, welcomed me with the biggest smile ever, I knew I'd have a really great time as she puts so much passion and joy into her job. Classes were always super interactive, creative and fun. We did plenty of exercices, we practiced a lot and we experienced some amazing cultural exchanges because we were asked to talk about our countries, habits and traditions.”

Stefanie Eder

Course information

Level: Beginner (A1-A2)
Start dates: October and March
Hours: 120 hours in total
Timetable: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 1pm to 4pm

(please note that it's not compatible with the L5 Bachelor programme's timetable)
Price: 900 euros (unless special promotions are applied)

Please note that you would need to purchase a book with an approximate cost of 25 euros to be able to follow the course.
*Intermediate level group can also be opened upon student request and with minimum numbers applied.

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