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1- What do you think of a project that mixes training and consultancy, offering your company tangible immediate benefits?

2- Would you agree that your personnel should always be empowered with up-to-date best practices in management?

3- Would you like to implement a new management style that blends training, team building and some quality downtime?


  • A brand new division within ESEI.
  • A bridge towards the business world in Spain.
  • A series of programmes built in two  pillars: innovation and professionalism.
  • The capacity to provide answers to the main challenges SMEs face today.
  • A new form of management built on ethics and sustainability.


ESEI IN-COMPANY stands in between training and consultancy for SMEs in Catalonia and Spain, offering flexible programmes and projects “a la carte” with top quality experienced professionals.

Its purpose is to help businessess grow sustainably through best-practice sharing of innovative management tools and techniques. 

Executive Education 7


Medium-sized and big companies in Catalonia and Spain that:
1- Want to train their staff and improve the competitiveness of their firm in their industry. 

2- Are open to innovation as a key business strategy. 

3- Are willing to transfer knowledge and skills to their staff in order to achieve holistic improvement and growth.

Executive Education 8

courses available

✔ Leadership & Resilience (mid/top mang)
✔ Leads and Growth Actions (low/mid mang)
✔ Clients Loyalty and Growth (mid/top mang)
✔ Digitalising Your Business (everybody)
✔ Boom Your Exports (mid/top mang)
✔ Happiness in the Workplace (top mang)
✔ Social Media for SMEs (mid/top mang)
✔ Teamwork Efficiency (low/mid mang)
✔ Growing Your Reputation (top mang)
✔ Innovation Power Engine (mid/top mang)

Executive Education 9


✔ We are 100% flexible with our clients' needs. You provide the context and we tailor our content and methodology to suit you.
✔ We always train using leading management techniques and tools to insert in your business context. Our 30 years' experience training professionals from across the world have been built on the constant evolution of leading business management techniques.
✔ We offer a blend of in-person, hybrid and fully online classes in order to give access to subject matter experts in a manner convenient to you. 

✔ Our courses are delivered in a way that helps build creativity. Expect to learn in classrooms and gardens while doing so in an interactive way. Our team-building activities are designed to promote collaboration and improve understanding on the topic at hand. 

Executive Education 10

Our professional staff

✔ More than 50 professors and professionals, all with accredited experience and knowledge across a diverse range of subjects.
✔ All professors hold ESEI's view of being 100% flexible with your needs in terms of topics and methodology
✔Professors often bring in subject matter experts for particular topics to help you learn from the best possible people.
✔ Our professors are adept at giving classes across different platforms, whether it be face-to-face, hybrid or online lessons.

Esei business meet up


✔ 2000 square metre garden to relax and chill (and learn!)
✔ A full service of bar and catering for all participants.
✔ The possibility to do team building activities such as yoga classes, creativity workshops, motivational sessions and more.
✔ The possibility to film and document all courses participation.
✔ The use of our premises and offices to attend specific work meetings  during the course timetable.
✔ and many more proposals and activities.

Executive Education 11

interested? let's talk next steps

✔ Send us a short but comprehensive brief.
✔ Receive a proposal for a new project in just a few days.
✔ Fine tuning it to deliver our best possible offer.
✔ Setting up collateral activities to the courses that make them even more unique and attractive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are programmes suitable for all companies and sectors?

Yes, we are 100% flexible and prepared for all sectors and we suit all type of situations and companies

Can we have "blended" courses (online & face-to-face?

Yes, our courses could be fully online, blended or in-person at our premises in Barcelona and/or in your company site. 

Are scholarships available to cover the cost of these courses?

Yes, these courses can be subsidised by Fundacion Tripartita, etc. We evaluate these on a case-by-case basis.

Will I receive a Diploma when my course is finished?

All the participants will be invited to our Ending party and Diploma session. In all cases, we will issue an online diploma for all participants.

Are the courses in English only?

We propose our courses in English, Spanish and Catalan depending on the needs and language levels of our clients.

How could we receive a free proposal for a course?

Easy: fill in the form and we will contact you ASAP.

If not, you can call us on + 34 93 417 46 77 or send an email to : [email protected]

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