Yasemin Berker and her visit to Alexandra Hotel

alexandra eseiThe professor arranged a meeting with Frances Dalmau the front desk manager at Alexandra, a doubletree by Hilton. We have been discussing quality management and customer service in class. This has allowed me to see how the theory I learned in class applies in reality. The manager was really attentive and answered all my questions related to operations. Seeing how crucial customer service really was in a hotel was amazing and exciting. The manager showed us around the hotel amenities and rooms. He explained how they had to upgrade them to meet Hilton’s standards and how this effect the way they run their business. The emphasis we gave to training and educating the staff in class was even more important in application. Customer service excellence was attained at The Hilton University, which ensured the employees were empowered and friendly. Now after studying the modules in hospitality management program I have been able to analyze and evaluate the service and quality management of a service company. I have gained a new perspective to service excellence and employee training.

Yasemin Berker

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