Workshop: BECOMING A LEADER – ESEI Guest Speaker Mustafa Toga

Workshop Details:

Guest Speaker: Mustafa Toga

Speaker's Profile: Mustafa Toga, has worked as a Senior Sales Director and Hiring Manager for two major software companies, with a focus on creating and cultivating a culture of winning team and building a talent pool.
He's an expert in hiring top talents, team building, demand generation, sales, pro-activeness and empathetic listening. He's also a bestselling author of the book called “The Jump: Land your dream job”. The book is about the whole job search process, with tons of practical information that a job seeker needs. In addition, it helps the reader to look inside and understand what is important in life and how to grow and be happy through your career ad personal life.
LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mustafa-toga-24aa6ba/

Great leaders are made, not born – goes the saying. If you want to become a leader, there are things you can do to set the stage even before you start your career.

In this workshop, Mustafa will share a number of activities to do and action steps to take to start shaping yourself into a leader right now. He will also shine the light on what you can do further down your career path in order to get noticed as a talented young professional.

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