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Study business in 2021

Why study business in 2021?

Are you thinking about studying business but not sure if now is a good time? 

With all the uncertainty and disruptions that have taken place since the pandemic, having doubts is understandable. Yet, due to the changes in business over the last year, as well as predictions for an economic post-pandemic boom, we think that now is the perfect time to study this subject!

Read on to find out our top five reasons you should study business in 2021. 

5 reasons why you should study business in 2021

1. Learn new ways of doing business 

According to IBM, pre-pandemic few businesses “considered competencies in crisis management, enterprise agility, cost management, workforce resiliency, innovation, or cash-flow management as critically important to their business.”

Yet, many companies that survived the pandemic-related downturn realised early on that they needed to be aware of these factors, as well as being adaptive and creative. Many have adopted an agile approach to business modelling as a result.

Business agility allows an organisation to adapt quickly, respond rapidly, be creative, lead change and maintain its competitive advantage when faced with difficult problems and uncertainty. IBM explains that businesses are likely to continue to prioritise agile modelling approaches moving forward. 

If you can learn more about agile this in the coming year, you’ll certainly stand out in a competitive job market!

Do you want to learn more about agile business modelling?

If you’re a current ESEI student, we recommend our 18 hour SCRUM course in Business Agility. It prepares you for an end of course exam with ESEI, as well as provides you with the skills needed to thrive in an Agile work environment. We offer this course during school semesters, so keep an eye out for the next date. 

2. Understand innovative technologies 

Innovations in technology have surged since the start of the pandemic. In turn, this has led to changes in the way businesses and their workforces run. 

Many organisational leaders came to the conclusion that they had to move their operations online. As a result, many have sped up the process of digital transformation – the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business. 

In fact, research suggests that “the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation at 59% of surveyed organizations.” Now, new and innovative apps, systems and softwares are in use in the workplace. 

As a result, employers are looking for candidates who are tech-literate moving forward. 

Would you like to familiarise yourself with new technologies?

We are keen to integrate the developments in technology into our learning curriculum. Our Masters programmes teach students theory, but also explore new technologies. If you’re interested in learning more about the digital world, you may be interested in our MA in Digital Marketing, Digital Entrepreneurship or Business Management

Find out more about our MA programmes here

3. Develop a new skill set 

Due to the changes in business methods and the rise of new digital technologies, employers are going to be looking for graduates with a new set of skills. It’s no surprise – the way we work and the types of jobs available are changing rapidly.

For example, many positions that did not exist ten years ago, such as data engineer, social media manager or CRM manager, are now some of the most in-demand. But to get these roles, you’ll need the right skills! 

So what are the top skills you’ll need to have to be successful in business in the future? They include:

  • Leadership
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Critical thinking
  • Tech-savvy
  • Communication 
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Creativity 
  • Innovation 

Acquiring some of these will enable you to secure a place within the new business environment and ensure that you are suitable for a range of different roles.

Are you interested in gaining new skills?

If the answer is yes, you might want to consider taking one of our short courses. We offer a range of subjects within the field of business: business management, digital entrepreneurship, international relations and business, digital marketing and marketing and communication. You can choose a topic of your choice to study across 18 hours. 

Furthermore, you may also be interested in our Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies. This degree covers all the essential areas of business and will provide you with the skills needed for success in business in the future. 

Find out more about our Bachelor’s degree here

4. Learn how to become a successful leader 

Forbes explains that, “These days, the past is increasingly less predictive, the future is almost unimaginable, and the present exists for about a nano-second.”

Organisations, therefore, are looking for the next generation of successful leaders to help navigate teams through challenging and tumultuous times. But what makes a good leader? According to Forbes, in the past “leaders basically had to figure out what to do and then tell people what, when, where, and how to do it.”

Yet, now there is a new leadership school of thought emerging – one that aims to motivate, support and engage with teams. In this sense, qualities like problem-solving, self-awareness, strategic-thinking, strong communication skills and emotional intelligence are highly desirable. 

Companies want leaders who can add value to their business, but also listen to, guide and offer emotional support to their teams. 

Do you aspire to become a successful leader?

You may want to consider taking our 18-hour course on Leadership and Organisational Behaviour. This is one module from our MA in Business Management that you can do as a short course. Our professor Steve Mallon will offer you valuable insights on leadership and provide lots of practical takeaways. 

Furthermore, our one-year International MBA programme will equip you with all the tools you need to be a successful future leader, leading a more committed workforce. You will learn how to respond to complex business situations quickly and more efficiently, increase customer satisfaction and also improve your knowledge of cutting-edge technologies. 

5. Unlock your entrepreneurial side 

Have you ever dreamed of running your own business? It might seem like a pie in the sky idea now, but actually there has never been a better time to launch a business. 

History shows us that post-pandemic, there is usually a period of economic growth. And the same is true now, with economic forecasters predicting the economy to boom in the next year. This means that the conditions are ripe for you to get to work on starting that dream business you’ve always wanted to launch! 

Studying a business course will help you to unlock your entrepreneurial potential. What’s more, you may even meet your future business partner on the same course!

Would you like to learn more about studying entrepreneurship?

We can help! We offer a Masters in Digital Entrepreneurship to those who want to become leaders in digital communication and startups. In each session you will be meeting professional, active entrepreneurs, exposing you to different sectors, companies, businesspeople and work environments. 

If you’d like to find out more about studying Business with us, get in touch!

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