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What are the Benefits of Writing a Thesis at ESEI?

The final project of any programme at ESEI is a vital part of the course. It usually requires a lot of work and takes many hours to complete. 

Often, the hardest part of the project is deciding what to research. Depending on the course you are doing, we offer two options; a thesis or a business plan. Although this work can be stressful, there are several undeniable benefits to doing it. 

Today we’re going to talk about the thesis process at ESEI from concept to creation, as well as the benefits of writing a thesis. And, we’ll share with you the story of a student who is currently writing their thesis with us. 

The thesis process at ESEI

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All students at ESEI have to write either a thesis or a business plan for their final projects. However, students of our Master’s in Digital Marketing programme have the option to write a thesis or do a website analysis.

Students begin thinking about their final projects in the first semester of their course. We run a thesis session to get the ball rolling. By the end of the first semester, students come up with ideas and submit their thesis proposals. 

Following this, they receive feedback from their course tutors. The next step is to either amend the proposal or get to work. Students spend the second semester researching and writing up their projects. 

At this stage, it’s common for students to need a little extra guidance – which we provide through a thesis clinic run by our Head of Academics Rosanna West. She and the course tutors are available to meet with students and talk about any issues or concerns surrounding the project. Students can take advantage of this opportunity to just talk about how their thesis is going or ask advice for overcoming writer’s block. 

All in all, we want you to know that we’re there for you every step of the way, whatever you need. We aim to ensure that you make the best of your final project and reap the benefits.  

The benefits of writing a thesis

There are a number of benefits that come with doing the final project at ESEI. Whether it’s the thesis, business plan or website analysis, there are advantages both academically and professionally. Let’s explore:

    1.Pursuing interests

One of the most important benefits to writing a thesis or business plan is that students get to come up with their own titles and ideas. They have the opportunity and freedom to explore in-depth research into a topic of their choice. 

It offers the opportunity to take an exciting and fascinating look into something you’re passionate about. This helps to make the writing process easier and smoother.

    2.Developing crucial skills 

The final project takes up a large amount of time and energy during the course. Therefore, you will develop organisation, time management and planning skills, which are crucial in all careers. 

Additionally, the ability to undertake research, critical thinking and excellent communication are important skills that you will also pick up along the way. Finally, when you have to present and defend your research, you will have the chance to put your presentation skills into practice. 

    3.Boosting your employability  

Developing the skills needed to carry out a large piece of research is attractive to potential employers. They will recognise that you have worked on a detailed piece of work that takes effort and dedication. 

Furthermore, employers from your particular research area may be particularly interested in your work and profile. For example, if you choose to research an area of sustainability, employers in this field may notice your work and could potentially be interested in offering you work after graduation. 

    4.Guides your next move 

Perhaps you are undecided what you’d like to do after graduation? If you pursue your research interests within the thesis, you may discover something you’d like to pursue further. 

You may find opportunities for postgraduate study in this field. Or, you may realise what career path you’d like to follow. Either way, it will help you to hone in on what you want to do after leaving school. 

Case Study: A Thesis at ESEI 

One of our students, Rodrigo Ramos Sampaio who studied International Relations and International Business defended his thesis two weeks ago. He chose to focus on sustainability and gave his thesis the title Towards a green future: an analysis of sustainability within the supply chain in the European Union soyabean commodity Business

We asked him about the thesis process from concept creation to completion and how he felt about the experience. 

“I want to go into the field of logistics and supply chain, which led me to search for a topic within this field.” he explains.

He recognises that sustainability is going to be a big part of business in the future. Therefore, he chose to make this a focus point within his research. 

Regarding the process of writing the thesis, Rodrigo felt quite confident as he had already completed a thesis as part of his bachelor’s degree in Brazil.

“I knew I had to map out the main questions, hypotheses and objectives. Then, I went to my tutor who gave me feedback and helped me make the research more specific and focused,” he says.

He felt supported by the school throughout the process as they

“I had many meeting slots available throughout the year where we could talk with a tutor or Rosanna West”. 

For Rodrigo, the most important benefit of writing a thesis is that

“if you choose the right topic, it’s never wasted time. You can use it to research something you want to go into in the future. Furthermore, you develop really strong writing, researching and presentation skills, which is also beneficial.” 

He hopes to find work within a business in Barcelona that focuses on sustainability and logistics. 

We wish you all the best, Rodrigo.

If you’re thinking about starting your Master’s journey, head over to our website to see a full list of our Master’s programmes.

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