Vladimir Fisenko and his Internship with SellByTel Group

Vladimir Fisenko and his Internship with SellByTel Group 2

For the past 12 month I have been completing an internship in SellByTel Group. SellByTel is an outsourcing company which cooperates with many leading multinational companies across the globe. Client list includes companies such as Apple, Google, Hewlett Packard, Mango and many more. My position was within Hewlett Packard project, where my main tasks where to maintain and filter data on potential business partners in Europe. The internship itself has been very useful in helping me to gain knowledge about different aspects of outsourcing and hi-tech industries.

Pros of this internship:  competitive salary, friendly environments, decent work place, flexible schedule

Cons of this internship: routine tasks, located relatively far from ESEI

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