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Visiting Barcelona with the ESEI Summer offer!

The ESEI summer offer

Every year, ESEI International Business School is offering to applying students the opportunity to come for a week in an ESEI residence free of charge in order for them to get to know the School premises, the lectures, meet the students and teachers and also discover the fantastic city of Barcelona.

Here is what some of the students that came had to say about it:
Esei summer offer 1

The ESEI University gave me the opportunity to come to Barcelona before    starting my Master degree in October. They provided me free accommodation so it  was very comfortable for me to spend a weekend in this beautiful city. Everyone  was very friendly, caring and helpful and I was able to visit the University, get to  know other students, attend lectures and explore the city.

 I would recommend everyone who is thinking about to start studying in Barcelona  to make use of the opportunity ESEI gives you. It will strengthen your opinion  about choosing the perfect University for a study in a fascinating city!

Manini, German new master student in Marketing and Communication


Esei summer offer 2

“Thanks to ESEI International Business School and their summer offer, for an incredible opportunity to visit amazing and “Europe’s happiest city” – Barcelona.

During my visit (7 days) I was able to get acquanted with the city, language and the local people. The arrival to the school was welcoming, as people I met in ESEI school seem to be very friendly, ready to answer all my questions.  

ESEI offers up to date study programs, high-quality, friendly learning environment. Also, the flexible schedule at the school enables students to do an internship or work alongside their studies. One more reason why ESEI is the best place – multicultural environment.

I highly recommend to all taking advantage of a great opportunity presented by ESEI and visit Barcelona. This will be a great start becoming familiar with the place, during which the study period definitely will become a second home”. 

Kotryna, Lithuanian new master student in Marketing and Communication


2 When we asked Edoardo, an Italian new master student in Marketing and  Communication to tell us about his experience, he did it in a creative way, and we  hope that he will surprise us even more this academic year 2016/2017 !

Check Edaordo’s testimonial-brochure here !







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