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Uncovering your real passion at ESEI

Both at The Passion Generation, a group of coaching professionals dedicated to helping students find their way ahead to a fulfilling career ,and here at ESEI , there is a profound commitment to enhancing and valuing the uniqueness of every student. We do not believe that people should ever settle for less than that which makes them happy.

There is a difference between those ‘professionals using their skills in jobs they more or less like’ and ‘people who actually do their best to serve an important purpose for them’. The difference is huge in terms of personal plenitude, but also in terms of performance. Although we usually do not act accordingly, ‘devoting my professional life to what matters to me’ works better than ‘choosing the most interesting offer among those that I’ve found’. That is the reason why this year in October ESEI partnered with The Passion Generation for 3 sessions with the students who wanted to get a clearer idea of what their real passion is. In uncovering this path during these sessions at ESEI , students were able to more clearly set personal and professional goals and identify places they would like to work. Both ESEI and TPG are then helping connect students to these companies if they have the required skill set.

After these engaging and rewarding sessions together, we talked to some of the students that participated.

Here is what they had to say:

ESEI would like to thank The passion Generation, and all of our students who attended the sessions and made them so worthwhile. Until the next time!



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