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Introducing the ESEI Digital Marketing project for businesses















We are excited to announce our new digital marketing project for businesses. These businesses will soon be collaborating with our master’s students to solve real-world digital marketing challenges.
Many companies struggle with time, resources and expertise when it comes to launching new digital marketing initiatives. This is where our students can help.

What is the ESEI Digital Marketing project?

Digital marketing master’s students at ESEI will soon be working with businesses over the course of the academic year.
Their goal will be to offer support to companies and run a project under the guidance of a digital marketing expert supervisor.
Each student will be responsible for making project proposals, agreeing on an appropriate course of action, as well as completing work under agreed deadlines.
The projects may centre around social media, content strategy, or website design and functionality. Projects may also dive into promotional materials, including audiovisual assets, SEM, SEO and Google AdWords.
So there is plenty of scope for testing skills and theory, taking on new challenges, and learning in a high pressure business environment.

How will students benefit?

The Digital Marketing project offers students excellent practical experience, allowing them to see just how the theory works in real business situations.

ESEI Academic Coordinator Valeria Fomina explains:

“We believe that real businesses with real clients are what will help our students to learn the most, and get the best out of their creativity and resourcefulness. The students will not only be learning in class, but also will have a chance to put their knowledge into practice straight away by developing and implementing digital strategies for real businesses.”

How will the project run?


There will be two feedback sessions during the year, in January and May, that will evaluate each company’s experience and measure how satisfied each is with the work done.
Progress will also be recorded in a Personal Learning Journal, updated by student on a weekly basis. This will then be shared with a tutor for feedback.
Students will include the following types of information in their journals:

1. Project updates, focusing on work done during the week
2. Details of client meetings and talks
3. A research record, focusing on what was read and learned
4. Progress and course learning reflections

Once the project is complete, Students will submit a final project which will evaluate their progress. This will cover the issues their client had in the beginning, and how the initial discussions were approached; the project strategy and scope, including what was agreed on by the client; the action the students took and why; what the metrics, data and client feedback showed.

What are the key considerations for Barcelona businesses?

There are lots of benefits for the businesses. The students they will be working alongside, are master’s level students with previous experience in digital marketing. This not only means that they have a lot to offer, but they are self-starters too, who take the initiative and come up with best-fit solutions.
What’s more, the collaboration itself is unpaid – students take away valuable experience from the project and will be able to use this in their future careers. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that there will be associated cost with web hosting costs, SEO, and any other external labour the company contract.
At the same time, each business will be offering an important learning experience to each student, helping them to develop their professional skills. This can be highlighted on social media, or in a corporate social responsibility report.

Finally, we envisage that students will form meaningful connections, which may well lead to future employment in the companies they are working with, or other opportunities with their team in the future.

If you are interested in taking on a student for your own digital marketing efforts, please contact [email protected] for more information.

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