The Coca-Cola Event 30th Oct. : Sergio Codonyer

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Guest Information : 

Name: Sergio Codonyer

Position: Public Affair & Communication Director @ Coca-Cola

Nationality: Spanish


Topics to be discussed:

What is Coca-Cola and how it works , what it means to be a “big player” in the market, Advantages vs disadvantages of

a multinational, Social license to operate (the evolution of CSR), The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation (Overview & 5 X 20 )


Key messages for communication:

Esei is inviting a guest speaker from one of the biggest multinationals in the beverage industry(if not the biggest) .Esei

will discuss the role of corporate social responsibilities and the effect of such efforts on society and consumers.How not

being exclusively profit driven can add to your corporate identity 

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Note: Exclusively for ESEI´s students and alumni !

More Questions?

Let us know! We would be happy to advise you!