The Coca-Cola Event : Sergio Codonyer

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Yesterdays ESEI welcomed Sergio Codonyer ,Public affairs & Communication Director @ Equatorial Coca-Cola Bottling Company. Sergio started the session with quick questions about the Coca-Cola Company and it´s history. The students who were able to give the right answers recieved souvenirs from our guest speaker.One of the questions that had our students wondering for a second was the amount of drinks Coca-Cola serves daily worldwide; to everybody´s surprise the number was two billion drinks a day ! Mr.Codonyer then explained the new technology of the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines and how those are used to prepare marketing strategies and help in product development. Sergio then explained a lot about the efforts Coca-Cola is doing in Africa and how the company is keeping balance between business and social projects through its own efforts aswell as through collaborations and partnerships with other organizations like the “Fundación Barraquer”. One of the highlights was the 5 by 20 project that aims to empower 5 million women across Africa to have their own small businesses by 2020. Furthermore Sergio told our students about his personal experiences in Africa and the cultural challenges he had to face as a representer of Coca-Cola in the mother Continent. Finally the students discussed with Sergio how a comapny like Coca-Cola deals with bad reputation; Mr. Codonyer explained that what people think is not always under control but on the other hand and in reality Coca-Cola might be the company that gave back the most to the communities where it operates. This is one of the main differences between Social Corporate Responsibility (SCR) and the Social Licence to Operate (SLO), taking the social values of a company as a whole and not as an independent action of a department…


Stay tuned for the next event 😉

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