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The Best of ESEI Induction Week

Induction Week at ESEI

The last few days have been very thrilling here at ESEI: we started our new 2022-2023 academic year and opened up the doors of our school to a number of international students who are about to start a unique and exciting adventure.

What better way to welcome them to Barcelona than hosting an ESEI Induction Week.

During this fascinating onboarding program we introduce them to the ESEI community with a few engaging activities.

The Best of ESEI Induction Week 4

Day 1 – We had the chance to do some fun ice-breakers in the garden where they got to meet the team. Also prepared a session to talk about all things Barcelona, to help them settle in the city.

Day 2 – Students were explained how the Academic programme works, participated in the workshop Build your personal Brand, and had a personalized photo session. After lunch, they had the chance to choose one activity. Some went on a walking tour in the center of this cosmopolitan city and others chose to do the Escape Room.

Day 3 – On the last day, we discussed Classlife and E-library functionality. After all the Academic information was covered, it was time to have some good fun.  The students tried some authentic Paella while listening to some live music.

And to top it all up, at the end of the day we invited current students, professors, and all of our staff members to join the Silent Disco hosted by AURA.

The Best of ESEI Induction Week 5

More than anything, we really had a great time welcoming our students to the campus and the city that will become their home for the next few months, and hopefully even more.

We hope that ESEI can help our students find their own path in this world and grow as professionals as much as they can, while in the meantime making long-lasting connections with students and teachers from all around the world.

Because everyone needs to be able to become their own hero, and here at ESEI our students are able to experience academic learning in a way they never thought possible.

Our onboarding process was great fun, and the pictures here definitely leave no doubt about it.

If you would like to become a student and join our next Induction Week you can book here a quick 15-minute call with the admission team.

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