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Esei excursion to C.A.R Sant Cugat

An ESEI Excursion to CAR Sant Cugat

An ESEI Excursion to C.A.R. Sant Cugat  On November 25th, 2022, Frank Hendrickx, professor of ESEI’s Master in Sports Management arranged an excursion to the Center d’Alt Rendiment (C.A.R) Sant Cugat. This represents what ESEI International Business School of Barcelona stands for, allowing students to not only develop their skills

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Performance and Health Management Master

High-Performance Sports | Discover our Master in Performance and Health Management As we previously mentioned in this article, Barcelona can definitely be considered an international sports hub and is rich in opportunities for anyone looking to enhance their expertise in the sports industry. Why ESEI? That’s why ESEI’s Master’s Degree

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Living as an Expat: A Lifestory

Astonishing Expat Lifestory: 2022 ESEI Alumni | Kevin Capelao Author: Kevin Capelao – International MBA in Digital Marketing Alumni Reading time: 2mins I was born in a country that was not my own. I grew up and lived in different countries on multiple continents. In this life story, I share

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ESEI Introduces: Podoactiva Field Visit

Outstanding MBA in Sports Management: Podoactiva Field Visit The students of the International MBA in Sports Management benefited from the ESEI Business School-sponsored field visit to the facilities of Podoactiva in Barcelona and they were in for a surprise.  Under the guidance of their professor Frank Hendrickx they were introduced

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The Best of ESEI Induction Week

Induction Week at ESEI The last few days have been very thrilling here at ESEI: we started our new 2022-2023 academic year and opened up the doors of our school to a number of international students who are about to start a unique and exciting adventure. What better way to

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