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Call us now:
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tedxesei school barcelona event

Embracing Tomorrow Today: A Tale of Inspiration and Aspiration at TEDxESEI School Barcelona Embracing Tomorrow On October 26th, 2023, a remarkable journey unfolded at the ESEI International Business School in Barcelona. The TEDxESEI event, under the banner “Embracing Tomorrow,” transformed the campus into a crucible of ideas and inspiration. Each narrative shared was a potential catalyst for the next wave of master’s

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Induction Week ESEI Fall 2023

Discover Your Dream Master’s Programme at ESEI: Dive Deep into our Fall 2023 Induction Week

ESEI’s Fall 2023 Induction Week In the mesmerizing cityscape of Barcelona, where historical legacy meets modern vibrancy, lies the renowned ESEI International Business School. As golden autumn leaves begin their dance, the school’s illustrious campus, a captivating blend of nature and architectural splendor, gears up for an annual event like no other.

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Unleashing Creativity: How a Master’s in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Nurtures Creative Thinkers

Innovation and Entrepreneurship One quality serves as the cornerstone of transformative success in an age where innovation and entrepreneurship reshape the parameters of business: creativity. Businesses need innovative solutions as the environment changes, and ambitious business owners need the capacity to identify undiscovered territory.  We’re glad you’re here to learn

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ESEI Career Services

Unlocking Your Professional Potential: ESEI’s Career Services and Beyond

The ESEI International Business School Barcelona is your destination for education and opportunity. We at ESEI think that education should extend beyond the classroom. Our dedication extends to ensuring that our students receive top-notch instruction and training and enter the working world ready to succeed. Join us as we explore

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International MBA ranking Forbes

The International MBA at ESEI: Your Gateway to Global Leadership

ESEI’s International MBA, already renowned as the Best MBA in Europe, presents a myriad of distinctive features and course modules that set it apart from the rest. Our International MBA ranked number 7 by Forbes in 2023 as “The Best Business School Programmes in 2023”! Now you may be wondering what

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Tree Nation

Growing Together: Trees Nation Initiative and ESEI’s Remarkable Tree Planting Achievements of the Year!

Planting trees is bringing about a quiet but significant alteration amidst the busy hallways of academia. Universities, which are centers of learning and innovation, are adopting a greener perspective by appreciating the value of planting trees. Beyond improving aesthetics, this approach is crucial for encouraging environmental stewardship, fostering a sustainable

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