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Past and current student testimonials can give you a real insight into what it’s like studying at ESEI International Business School. We asked some of them to tell you why they chose ESEI; how their experience met their expectations; the quality and teaching style of their course; life in Barcelona; and many more topics!


“After ESEI, I took one year off to get some work experience and I’m now reading a Master’s degree in Management at the London School of Economics and Political Science while working for the Austrian Integration Fund in the Knowledge Management Team. I must say that ESEI turned to be very helpful in handling many challenges in my professional life due to its personal approach and focus”
TestimonialsLaura Neuper, Austria


“I loved what I studied and where I studied it. ESEI gave me a practical and “hands on” perspective of business. During and after my studies, I have always tried to focus on the Entertainment/Audiovisual area. As a result, I have become a film director and I have already directed two short films”
TestimonialsMauricio Albin, Mexico


“I started as an entrepreneur during my final year of studies. After ESEI, I worked in London and moved back to Colombia where I run my own companies. I had a great time at ESEI and met amazing people. My advice to current ESEI students is to decide what you want, do it and never stop until you achieve it. ESEI will give you the necessary tools to do this!”
TestimonialsTomás Andrés Vera, Colombia

“I really enjoy my time here at ESEI. The classes are small so it is a more personal atmosphere which makes it easier to interact with other students as well as the professors. The courses are designed to give a more practical perspective of business instead of just focusing on theory. The city is also incredible and I’ve met the most amazing people during my stay.”
TestimonialsLif Lárusdóttir, Iceland
“ESEI is a lovely building in a beautiful location. All staff and students are extremely welcoming, helpful and friendly which has been a great comfort when arriving at a foreign city. There is a wonderful ‘community’ feeling to the school. The staff are very accessible and go above and beyond to help provide opportunities and extra resources where necessary. I am looking forward to seeing out the remainder of my first time and continuing my journey with ESEI.”
TestimonialsKatherine Innes, UK
“ESEI business school is certainly not the biggest school in Barcelona or the one that spends the most in communication and advertising, but it is usually the ones that say the least that are most valuable for us as students. I left France to have a new experience abroad and ESEI welcomed me. The school is very friendly and there is a family-like atmosphere. I felt a real proximity with teachers and administration and that’s what makes this school so special for me.”
TestimonialsMaxime Fiquemont, France
“I now feel proud of myself, I feel I have grown a lot and become more mature I consider I have been getting closer to my objective of graduating from ESEI and becoming a successful entrepreneur; I feel I have learned a lot and I hope I will continue to.”
TestimonialsGiselle Maria Perez, Colombia

“Small class sizes mean your professors know you by name and forms the essence of the university. As a member of the Student Council I participated in organizing social events such as the Valentine’s Flower Sale, the traditional annual Christmas Dinner, and many of the other extracurricular events that made my time at ESEI so enjoyable. Last but not least, there is Barcelona itself – a city that offers everything from a beach to museums, concerts, and a great nightlife. I continue to have fond memories of my time at ESEI”
TestimonialsHanne M., Germany

“After ESEI, I moved to Madrid to study an MBA. I have committed myself to launching new business initiatives: internet portals, smartphone applications, etc. Undoubtedly, my ESEI experience was a milestone in my career path.”
TestimonialsBartolomé Olivares, Spain

“ESEI was an institution where learning and enhancing my personal skills were a priority. The community feeling of the university made me feel welcomed and eased my way in to living in Barcelona. All staff members were attentive to my demands, and were trying to make sure I got the most out the experience. My amazing professor, Willem,  was able to tailor the courses especially. The emphasis on presentations has prepared me for my business life with all the communication skills I require. Every university staff was easily reachable which I found to be really convenient. My experience exceeded my expectations of a masters course and life living in Barcelona.”
TestimonialsYasemine Berker, Turkey

“My experience in Esei was unforgettable. It´s not a traditional university where everything is overly strict and formal.
Esei’s classes are small which improves the learning quality of the class and you get a very close relationship with your classmates but also your teacher.
The classes are not about studying but about learning, getting new insights and boosting your creativity.
We had several assignments which corresponded to real business cases. We also had to set out a plan for starting our own business, which built on all the subjects we had studied throughout the year.
Aside from classes we also went to some interesting excursions and visited several startups and established businesses.
I am now looking back to a wonderful year with many experiences, knowledge, eager to start a business, great advice from teachers and amazing friends!”
TestimonialsFrance Van Steen , Belgium
“Going “Back to school” for my masters at ESEI after 4 years working has been an amazing learning experience. The learning methods At ESEI are modern and interactive, where we feel like we are friends discussing and analysing ideas rather than teacher just explaining a point of view. The environment at ESEI is multicultural and friendly with a great relationship between the administration, the professors and the students.”
TestimonialsSaid Badran, Lebanon
“ESEI is a university that is different from every school I have gone to before. The atmosphere is very open, international and inspiring. All the teachers have work experience in the subject being taught and they really emphasise an interactive learning environment. The Administration always has an open ear for the students ideas and concerns, but they also help us with other problems. Classes are scheduled conveniently (15:00-18:00) and therefore give us the opportunity to gain practical experience while studying. Overall, moving to Barcelona and studying at ESEI was the best choice I ever made!”
TestimonialsMelissa Koeth, Germany

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