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Studying in Spain: Get inspired by ESEI’s 32nd Graduation Ceremony

Studying in Barcelona: Get inspired by ESEI’s 31st Graduation Ceremony

Studying in Barcelona: Cherish our 31st Graduation Ceremony Moments!

On the first of July 2022, the tallest building in the city of Barcelona, the Torre Agbar, was home to a very special celebration: ESEI’s 31st Graduation Ceremony. 

There, our graduates and mentors reunited to celebrate the power of dreams and commitment. Students from all walks of life decided to pursue their Master’s at ESEI, where we create future leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs. At this graduation we had graduates from the:

But most importantly, this ceremony has been a display of pure inspiration. Showcasing the time and effort all of our students dedicated to successfully completing an important aspect of their lives.

We are one the most International Universities in Barcelona, with a very diverse student body, this is a factor we emphasize a lot. We create opportunities for everyone, guiding our students to become the person they aspire to be like or become.

Inspiration towards the future, even when we don’t know exactly what it will bring us. However, even though focusing on the future is great, we still believe living in the moment is far more important. These are the last years of being a student. Thus this ceremony is a celebration of a new beginning in our students’ chapters of life.

Even if we end up struggling at some point. Because that’s what happens when we grow.

The aftermath of studying in Barcelona at ESEI International Business School of Barcelona


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