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ESEI's website points system

What is it about?

It's a loyalty type of system that we setup to incentivize our website users (students and others) to engage with the content that we post on our website (articles, events, webinars etc...)

Actions such as (reading an article, commenting, sharing on social media etc...) are reward with points, these points are then convertible to gifts!

How can I collect points?

- By regularly checking our website, reading and interacting with our posts (news, articles, events, announcements, case studies etc...)

- By using the social share buttons

- By registering to events/webinars

- By using your referral link and sharing it with family and friends.

You have to be logged in, in order to collect the points.

How many points do I get for each action?

Each action has its own number of reward point, you will find the amount of the reward, next to the action button (ie: add comment, share button etc...)

You will also see a notification pop up, announcing the points you received on the top right side of the page.

Where can I check my balance?

On [My Balance] section of this page in the right.

How can I exchange points to gifts?

We're currently working on the web shop where you find the gifts and pay for them using your reward points balance. Stay tuned!

Where can I find my referral link?

Under [Points System] section of this page in the right