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Starting Strong: Navigating the Exciting Journey of Induction Week at ESEI

Starting Strong: Navigating the Exciting Journey of Induction Week at ESEI

Starting Strong: Navigating the Exciting Journey of Induction Week at ESEI

Welcome to Spring 2023 Induction Week at ESEI

Spring 2023 Induction week is an exciting time for students starting their academic journey at ESEI International Business School in Barcelona. It is a time to get acquainted with the school, meet new people, and explore the city.

Getting to know the school and building a community

During the induction week, students were introduced to the faculty and staff who would be guiding them through their academic journey. The school’s administration provided important information about the school’s policies, procedures, and academic programs. Additionally, they explained how to access the various resources and facilities available to students at the school.

Throughout the two days, students had the opportunity to get to know each other through various social activities organized by the school. These activities included team-building exercises, icebreaker games, and networking events. The goal of these activities was to help students form connections with their classmates and create a supportive community.

Classlife Training for Spring 2023 Induction Week

Another important aspect of the induction week was the introduction to the school’s Learning Management System (LMS), Classlife. The LMS is an online platform that students will use throughout their academic year to access course materials, submit assignments, communicate with their classmates and professors, and track their progress.

During the induction week, students received training on how to use the LMS effectively, including how to navigate the platform, access the various features and resources, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. This training was crucial in ensuring that students were prepared to use the LMS and could take advantage of all the benefits it offers, such as the ability to work collaboratively with peers, stay on top of deadlines, and receive immediate feedback from professors.

Student Life in Barcelona

In addition to the academic and social activities, the school also included a session on student life in Barcelona. The session provided important information about transportation options, including the metro and bus system, as well as information about local accommodations and services, such as banks, medical facilities, and emergency contacts.

Additionally, the session covered important documentation requirements for international students, such as visas and residence permits. This session was particularly useful for students who were new to the city and helped them to feel more comfortable and confident in navigating their new environment. It also provided a great opportunity for students to ask questions and clarify any doubts they had, ensuring that they had all the information they needed to make the most of their time in Barcelona.

Spring 2023 ESEI Induction Week: Winner!

The induction week was an exceptional experience that furnished students with a comprehensive introduction to the school, its resources, and the city of Barcelona. It provided an excellent launchpad for the academic year, allowing students to begin with a solid foundation of knowledge and a network of connections. As a result, students left the induction week feeling energized and well-prepared to tackle the challenges that lay ahead.

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    It was a lot of fun!

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