Experiential track – The Thesis

The MBA thesis of 20,000 words takes time and dedication. Therefore, you must
make sure to choose a topic in which you are genuinely interested.
It could be something inspired by your internship experience, something of use to your future professional career or perhaps something inspired by your academic reading during the taught track.

As a practical MBA programme, we do not place too much emphasis on extensive quantitative research, though basic training in statistics and data collection will be provided.

You should ensure that your topic has plenty of available and reliable information available, whether the research is primary or secondary, before commencing.

The topic must be approved by the tutor, and this will take place before the end of the internship semester. Therefore, you should always be thinking towards the final semester, as the earlier you have the idea clear and get it approved, the sooner you can start to collect data and sources of information.

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