Shirley o Donoghue  - Economics and Finance 1

Economics and Finance

Shirley previously worked as a auditor in Ernst and Young working on Pharmaceutical companies such as Allergan and Boston Scientific. Aside from teaching at ESEI, she gives business skills seminars on areas such as conflict management, effective communication and project management, working with large companies such Estrella Damm, Ordesa, Alfil Logistics, Pans and Company and Maxam.

She’s an energetic teacher, she wants her students to enjoy the class and develop a passion for the topics. She also has high expectations for the students and try to push them to become independent learners. For this reason she is always looking for new ways to make the classes more interesting and practical. Shirley is very aware of how the students lives can be influenced by what they learn in class and she takes that responsibility very seriously, feeling honoured to play a small role in the important stage of their lives.

Collaborate as a Teacher