The specialisation pathway in Global Business Management is validated by the Universidad Católica de Murcia (UCAM) and equivalent to 60 ECTS.

Your first year at ESEI comprises 8 modules – equivalent to an International Diploma in Business and the first year of a UK Honours Degree. It is divided in two 15 week semesters and covers eight modules weighted at 7.5 ECTS

(European Credit Transfer System) each. You’ll be required to study for approximately 15 hours per week in the classroom, plus course work and other independent study.

It will furnish you with a broad understanding of business and marketing, helping you get to grips with the principles of leadership, markets and pricing strategy, finance, business mathematics, and many other core topics.

You will be expected to attend approximately 400 hours of classroom study as well as undertaking coursework and independent study.

You will attain 60 ECTS in total.

Fall (30 ECTS)Spring (30 ECTS)
Leadership and Organisational Behaviour
– 7.5 ECTS
 Finance for Performance Management –
7.5 ECTS
Professional & Academic Communication
– 7.5 ECTS
 Understanding Business Organisations –
7.5 ECTS
Markets, Prices & Strategy – 7.5 ECTSBusiness Online – 7.5 ECTS
Mathematics in Business – 7.5 ECTSStrategic Marketing in Action – 7.5 ECTS

Building on your knowledge from year one, you will develop your understanding of number of different concepts, including; quantitative research in business, consumer behaviour, technology in business organisations, macroeconomics for business, among others.

This year is equivalent to and International Advanced Diploma in Business and is worth 60 ECTS in total.

Year 2: International advanced diploma in business (60 ECTS)

Quantitative Research in Business – 7.5
 Strategic Digital Marketing – 7.5 ECTS
Efficiency in Business Operations – 7.5
Advanced Financial Management – 7.5 ECTS
Technology in Business Organisation –
7.5 ECTSs
Organisations and Individuals – 7.5 ECTS
Consumer Behaviour – 7.5 ECTSMacroeconomics for Business – 7.5 ECTS

Your third year of study is equivalent to a final year of a UK Honours Degree. It will prepare you for a career in international business management and qualify you for a range of different postgraduate degrees in universities and institutions all around the world.

You will attain 60 ECTS for your third year.

 Year 3: BA (hons) in Management(60 ECTS)

Strategic Management
Work Based Major Project
Project Impact and Review
Reflections on Practice and Career Progression

Year 2: Specialisation pathway (30 ECTS awarded by UCAM)

Management Across Culture – 7.5 ECTSUnderstanding the Global Environment – 7.5 ECTS
Work-Based Learning – 15 ECTS


Year 3: Specialisation pathway (30 ECTS awarded by UCAM)

Global Trade and Supply Chain Management – 7.5 ECTSThesis project – 15 ECTS
International Business Law – 7.5 ECTS



Assessment for all modules is based on continuous learning, examinations and assignments. Examinations are held twice a year, in June and December.


  • The BA (Hons) in Business Administration is a final year top-up programme and is validated and awarded by the University of Worcester (180 ECTS Bachelor in Business Administration).
  • The additional specialisation pathway in Hospitality Management (60 ECTS) is provided and validated by the University of UCAM.
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