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Tim Cakir Workshop

Workshop : Technology To The Rescue

Tim Cakir - Groth Consultant Online Guru

When living through times of crisis such as the Covid-19 pandemic, how can students and workers leverage different software in order to become their most productive selves?
This online workshop, run by online guru Tim Cakir, takes you through different softwares that will help you optimise your time spent at home.

Setting up your home office/study area
Desk, chair, microphone, camera, screens, time trackers, background and general tips on working efficiently at home.

Kahoot for quizzes, House Party for heads up and trivia, Spyfall for a fun games night with friends and family.

The all in one workspace that changed my life.
How I use it for teaching, my personal life, my professional life and how you can use this tool to your benefit.

How to use the best video conference software around. We will look at Breakout rooms, Polls, Screen Sharing with sound, the raise your hand function and reactions.

Not being physically in class doesn’t mean that we can’t collaborate and work in front of whiteboard together.


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