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Perfomance and Health Management

Performance and Health Management Master

High-Performance Sports | Discover our Master in Performance and Health Management

As we previously mentioned in this article, Barcelona can definitely be considered an international sports hub and is rich in opportunities for anyone looking to enhance their expertise in the sports industry.


That’s why ESEI’s Master’s Degree in Performance and Health Management, which was first launched in 2020, is by far the best choice for those who are willing to become highly skilled players in this field.

We can’t stress enough that whether our students aim to become:

  • Performance and Health Managers,
  • Sports Performance Directors,
  • or even worldwide famous skateboarders,

The common denominator is that they will need to grow as much as they can.

In fact, as our Director of the Master’s Degree in Performance and Health Management, Dr. Francesc Cos promptly clarifies:

The difference between a good professional and a great professional is preparation”.

And in order to do so, here at ESEI we have put together the best resources and teachers you could possibly ask for to reach a higher degree of specialization in this field.

1) The outcome of taking our Masters in Performance and Health Management

Performance and Health Management
Performance and Health Management

One of the main aims of this course is for our graduates to be capable of working in a complex ecosystem in which the interaction of professionals belonging to different departments is strictly required.

The only possible way to reach such an ambitious goal is by understanding the needs of the Sports Performance system: this way students will be able to communicate profitably with their colleagues, both inside and outside of their own team.

Also, being the sports industry an ever-changing branch, businessmen and businesswomen operating in this area also need to be constantly updated

Keeping track of major trend shifts and innovations and that’s why, among other benefits, our students will be given the unique opportunity to engage in 3 trips to: 

  • High-Performance Centres 

  • International-level Orthopaedics 

  • Sports Medicine Hospitals 

In Spain and Qatar!

2) What is this Programme of Management about?

During this course, our students will dig deep into various disciplines and their corresponding modules, which include Injury Management, Data Analysis Management, Sports Psychology, notions of Performance Training, and many more.

The theoretical concepts students get to learn during each module of our course in Performance and Health Management will in the end be applied in a practical way under the guidance of an expert in their field of interest.

Allowing them to engage in activities and managerial tasks of a High-Performance Department in a sports organization.

What’s more, by applying to this course students will be able to visit many local organizations, companies, and facilities in this field.

This approach by the way totally falls in line with PBL, which as we explained here, is definitely our preferred method when it comes to the learning experience since it allows students to fully reach their potential once they are put in the real world.

3) Practical Information you need to know

This course is accredited by UCAM and is equivalent to 60 ECTS Credits at level 7 on the European Qualifications framework, while the MBA is equivalent to 120 ECTS at level 7 on the European Qualifications Framework.

Plus, it allows both remote and hybrid learning, lessons are fully taught in English and intakes will happen in the Fall (specifically November) and Spring (specifically March).

So, if you or one of your friends or family members are looking to combine business and sports expertise in order to make a difference in a field that is continuously growing and always looking for skilled professionals, look no further: admissions at ESEI are open!

Feel free to check out our Master’s Degree in Performance and Health Management program.

In the meantime, we warmly salute you and hope to see you soon in our classrooms!

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