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At Esei we recruit top talent from both the public and private sector. Amongst the members of our faculty we count academics, consultants, entrepreneurs and business people, all of whom are experts in their respective fields with many years of practical experience. Our teachers are dynamic personalities whose continued engagement with the international business community ensures that they are up-to-date on the current trends and able to communicate the latest developments to their students.

All of our teachers are engaging speakers who take a practical approach to make certain that students come out of the classroom with a clear understanding of both the fundamental concepts and how to apply them in real world situations. Our professors take a personal interest in our students’ success and provide them with the personalized attention necessary to allow their individual talents to flourish. All classes are taught in English and all the members of our faculty are native-level English speakers with international perspectives.

In addition to our permanent faculty, each year we invite a number of guest speakers to give lectures and workshops on the latest personal and professional skills, market opportunities, etc. Workshops are held several times a semester and they include everything from in-house corporate training to company visits.

Teachers bios and videos coming soon.