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Tom Wheeler

United Kingdom

Tom Wheeler, an esteemed alumnus of ESEI International Business School, United Kingdom, is a prominent figure in the field of sports sustainability. He holds a Master’s degree in Sports Management from our renowned program, a testament to his dedication to advancing sustainable practices within the sports industry. With his extensive knowledge and hands-on experience, Tom serves as an invaluable faculty member, imparting his insights to inspire the next generation of sustainability champions.

Currently, Tom occupies the role of Sustainable Partnerships Director at Recipric, a position that highlights his commitment to creating positive change. Leveraging his expertise, he guides sports properties—including clubs, competitions, and athletes—toward a more environmentally responsible future. Tom specializes in aligning and leveraging sponsorships from sustainable brands, catalyzing partnerships that drive both commercial success and ecological impact.

With a deep understanding of the intricacies of sports management and sustainability, Tom brings real-world relevance to his teaching. His unique blend of academic achievement and practical experience offers students a comprehensive view of sustainable practices and their application within the sports realm. Tom’s passion for sustainability, combined with his strategic mindset, provides an inspiring model for aspiring professionals seeking to bridge the gap between sports and environmental responsibility.

As a faculty member, Tom’s engaging teaching style, enriched by his personal journey and professional accomplishments, creates an environment conducive to exploration, critical thinking, and experiential learning. His commitment to fostering sustainable partnerships and driving positive change serves as an embodiment of ESEI’s values and mission.

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