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Josep M. Monti

Josep M. Monti

CEO & Founder of Barcelona Rugby

Josep M. Monti | ESEI Faculty 2024

Josep M. Monti is an innovative and passionate entrepreneur who has seamlessly transitioned from a tech-focused career to one driven by social impact. With a robust background in cutting-edge technologies such as coding, blockchain, web3, AI, and VR/AR/XR, Josep now channels his expertise towards initiatives that foster community and societal well-being, guided by the Ubuntu philosophy: “I am because we are.”

Professional Background

Josep’s entrepreneurial journey began with a deep immersion in technology, where he developed a strong profile in various emerging fields. His technical acumen and forward-thinking mindset allowed him to excel in complex and evolving domains. Today, Josep’s focus has shifted towards leveraging his technological skills to create meaningful social impact, embodying values of solidarity, teamwork, and community upliftment.

Core Expertise of Josep M. Monti

Josep’s expertise spans a wide array of technological and social domains. His proficiency includes:

  • Social Impact and Community Development
  • Coding and Software Development
  • Blockchain and Web3 Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtual, Augmented, and Extended Reality (VR/AR/XR)

Teaching Specialties of Josep M. Monti

While Josep’s current focus is on social impact, his extensive background in technology equips him to teach a variety of subjects within the tech realm. His teaching specialties include blockchain, web3, AI, VR/AR/XR, and the application of these technologies in achieving social good. Josep’s experience in both the technical and social impact sectors positions him uniquely to offer students a comprehensive understanding of how technology can drive positive change.

Impact on Students

Josep M. Monti’s diverse background and his dedication to both technological innovation and social betterment serve as a powerful inspiration to students. His journey illustrates the importance of adaptability and the potential of technology to create positive societal impacts. Students aspiring to careers in technology and social entrepreneurship can learn from Josep’s example of continuous learning, community focus, and the integration of core values such as sacrifice, teamwork, respect, and passion into professional endeavors.

Josep’s commitment to education and professional development, combined with his practical experience and philosophical grounding, provide a compelling model for aspiring entrepreneurs and technologists. His teachings and mentorship are invaluable for those looking to harness technology for the greater good, reflecting a balanced approach to innovation and societal impact.

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