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Esther Lopez

Esther Lopez

With over 15 years of remarkable experience as the Director of International Communication and Event Agencies, Esther Lopez has been a trailblazer in the world of high-level corporate events. Throughout her illustrious career, she played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of international corporate events, with a special focus on the Mobile World Congress. She is known for her unwavering commitment to innovation and the development of effective strategies to ensure long-term customer loyalty.

Specialization in High-Level Corporate Events

Esther Lopez carved out a niche for herself as a specialist in high-level corporate events. Her expertise and vision have led to the successful execution of numerous corporate gatherings that not only met but exceeded client expectations. She brought creativity and a strategic mindset to the world of event planning, setting new industry standards and benchmarks.

External Events Official Partner of Mobile World Congress

A notable feather in Esther Lopez’s cap is her role as the External Events Official Partner of the Mobile World Congress. This prestigious position placed her at the forefront of one of the largest and most influential technology events globally. Her leadership in this capacity helped enhance the event’s reputation, making it a must-attend gathering for industry leaders.

Innovation and Strategy

One of Esther Lopez’s core strengths is her ability to innovate and develop forward-thinking strategies. She firmly believes that staying relevant in the industry requires constant innovation and adaptation. Her strategic thinking has paved the way for the successful execution of countless corporate events and has set her apart as an industry thought leader.

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