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Esther Cid

Esther Cid

Digital Entrepreneur · Connector & Speaker #WomeninSports

Meet Esther Cid, a multifaceted individual whose dynamic career encompasses the realms of psychology, talent management, entrepreneurship, and music. With a solid background in social psychology and a keen understanding of human resources, Esther Cid has spent over 16 years shaping and nurturing talent across various sectors, forging innovative pathways in education, and advocating for diversity and inclusion.

Professional Background: Esther Cid holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management, a postgraduate certification in Online Marketing, and a Postgraduate degree in Global Music Business Management. This unique blend of education underscores Esther Cid’s diverse skill set and ability to bridge gaps between seemingly disparate fields.

Entrepreneurship and EdTech: Driven by a passion for empowerment, technology, and innovation, Esther Cid is the Founder and CEO of Tipscool, a pioneering B2B SaaS platform in the field of education technology. Tipscool partners with companies and universities to digitalize learning experiences, revolutionizing education management in the process. Esther Cid’s vision encompasses reskilling, upskilling, and onboarding, all essential facets of modern education and workforce development.

Recruitment and Talent Development: With an impressive track record in corporate recruitment, Esther Cid has lent her expertise to renowned organizations such as Gallina Blanca Star and Randstad Professionals. Additionally, Esther Cid has made significant contributions in discovering and nurturing talent at the Institute of Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) and has served as a Career Manager, guiding and inspiring young talents at UPF Barcelona School of Management and the School of International Studies (ESCI-UPF).

Academic and Industry Contributions: Esther Cid is not only a practitioner but also an esteemed academic. She serves as an associate professor in People Management, Social Psychology, Entrepreneurship, and Networking at various national and international universities. Esther Cid’s dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion is evident through her membership in organizations such as Talent Femení, She Said So Spain, and MIM (Women in Music Business Industry).

Speaker and Award-Winning Entrepreneur: As a sought-after speaker, Esther Cid has graced events related to STEM, female empowerment, and entrepreneurship, sharing her inspirational experiences and insights. Her contributions have not gone unnoticed, as she has received several accolades, including the prestigious “Women Entrepreneur 2020 in Spain” by El Referente, the “Emprendedora RRHH 2012” award for innovative young HR entrepreneurs, recognition for “Tech Women and Online Business” by Talent Femení Association, and the “Premio Emprendedora en Vertical EdTech” by Wayra Telefonica del Programa Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) in collaboration with Foment del Treball, the US Consulate in Barcelona, Epson, and RCD

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