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Call us now:
+34 934 17 46 77


Carlota Estera


I am Carlota, Director of ESEI. I lead ESEI’s team to make sure that ESEI excels in everything we do. We set up clear objectives and we make things happen! I believe that if ESEI’s team is happy, they will make your whole experience unique and enjoyable. I’m directly involved in planning the general strategy for the school including new programmes, markets and business development. I listen to and read all your feedback, which is vital in improving our facilities and making ESEI a great place to study.

You will see me giving coaching/career development workshops. I am also managing ESEI’s team and currently leading the Marketing Department. I hope to meet you face to face!

I can assist with:

  • Business Development Opportunities
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Careers and Coaching


How to contact me:

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