Meghan Ford and her Internship with SBR ThinkingAhead

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Meghan Ford is a Master student from USA enrolled in the Marketing & Communication Program. She has been doing an Internship with SBR ThinkingAhead for 3 months now. We asked Meghan to briefly describe her experience in this Internship and what her daily activities there include. This is what she had to say about it :” I found my internship with SBR ThinkingAhead through ESEI’s career fair at the start of the year. My tasks as a Researcher include, researching the best candidates, writing profile reports, and connecting the candidates with our team and clients. Through this role, I have gained a broader perspective on European business culture, the ability to research concisely, and am better able to communicate across industries and cultures. Everyone on the team is very approachable, friendly, and full of helpful advice both professionally and on Spain. It is a wonderful part of my experience, while studying at ESEI!”  

Check more info about SBRThinking Ahead on their website under : https://sbr-thinkingahead.com/

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