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Meet the ESEI teaching team – Part 2

Our teachers are the unstoppable force behind our educational programmes. They are a team of intellectual superheroes who don’t have to wear capes to prove their greatness.
We’ve already introduced you to some of them in Part 1 of our get-to-know our team series – so, here is a quick look into the stories of another four brilliant minds who inspire us every day!


Fernando del Pozo, International Relations Professor and MA Tutor

Before moving to Barcelona 15 years ago, Fernandspent time living in several different countries including Belgium, Italy, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. After finishing his studies in Law, Economics and Finance, he started his career at ENDESA. There he dealt with the challenges the energy sector had to face in Argentina just before the “corralito”. At the same time, he founded his consultancy firm INEA Corporation.

Later on, he joined universities and business schools such as Pompeu Fabra University, EGADE (Mexico) and UADE (Argentina) to design and run educational programmes in the fields of international relations, trade and investment. He recently decided to make a change in his career and focus on banking and finance, building correspondent banking relationships and working with finance, bonds and investment projects.

Fernando started teaching because it’s something that he loves doing, not because it’s what he studied. He likes the idea of transmitting knowledge and the results of his experience to others. He welcomes the challenge of adapting to his students and learning from them as they reignite his curiosity with their questions.
In his free time, he loves playing with his daughter, travelling and getting to know new cultures, as well as mountain walking and trying all kinds of dishes from everywhere in the world.



Pablo Mascaró, SEM and SEO Professor

Pablo, from Menorca, considers himself to be extremely passionate about everything he does, whether it comes to doing sports or working as a digital marketing consultant.

He has more than 10 years’ experience in the field, holding positions such as Performance Account Director at Grupo HAVAS and Digital Marketing Director at Lidl. His current role is Digital Marketing Director at OneCoWork, a real estate company that develops coworking spaces.
If he had to describe himself as a teacher, he would say that he likes the interaction with his students and expects participation from them. To his students’ delight, he’s not a huge fan of old-school teaching methods. As for his thoughts around what teaching means: to him, it means transferring knowledge, and the best way to do it is by enjoying it and showing passion and commitment.

Esther horizontal

Esther Comin, Revenue Management Professor

Esther Comin was born in Barcelona where she has worked all her life in some amazing and diverse roles. She started her career in the hotel industry in 1995, and she’s had the luck to work together with excellent professionals and brands, allowing her to grow very fast professionally. More than 20 years later, she is still absolutely in love with her profession and career.

She has worked mainly as a manager: her last roles were General Manager of huge hotels in the city and nearby. Her speciality is the Rooms Division, and she also focuses on Human Resources and training/mentoring. Currently, she runs her own consulting firm, dedicating most of her time to executive and medium management mentoring and to correction of financial deviations in operations’ accounts.

She is a passionate speaker who really loves her job. She urges students to think for themselves and make their own deductions, as well as create new ways of understanding the business. She considers it very important to pay attention to people, as knowing how to respect and care about the needs of customers is indispensable in the industry.
Her consulting firm’s philosophy is rooted in an ancient Japanese art called Kintsugi, which stands for “the art of resilience”. Her core belief is that anything and anyone can be restored with enough dedication and a genuine will to surpass personal limitations.


Ron Pfeil, Professional and Academic Communication Professor

Ron’s career as a teacher, skills trainer and intercultural communication specialist spans over 20 years, from Asia to Barcelona. He’d been working at ESADE for 10+ years before creating the ELASTiC project, a team of Executive, Linguistic, and Academic Skills Training consultants that intends to be a transformative force in education. With an M.A. in Foreign Affairs, he has written varied skills courses such as Leading a Multicultural Team and Pronunciation for Professionals.
Hardworking, patient, and well-aware of the need for humour in nearly every cross-cultural situation, Ron uses these qualities to help students bring out the best in themselves to succeed.

Regarding his work at ELASTiC, he is committed to the idea of doing well (for ELASTiC) by doing good (for their customers and community). Through ELASTiC, he has worked with large companies such as Mediapro, Swarovski and Airbnb.


If you’re curious to learn more about the people behind ESEI, check out part 1 and part 2 of our post where we introduce our staff, and don’t forget to read the story of ESEI’s founder, Jorge Estera Sanza!

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